Malfeasance is a hand-gun with a speed of 180 rpm, presented in the Forsaken to Destiny 2. The Darkness in the Light quest line was a complex process that requiring considerable good luck and perseverance for completion. But the reward was the exotic, which was pleasant to use and which was ideal for the gambit. It comes with the Explosive Shadow and Taken Predator perk. Explosive Shadow shoots infected slugs that are buried into the enemy. Folding a sufficient number of slugs leads to the fact that they all explode. The obsessed predator inflicts additional damage to the enemies and invaders of Gabit.

The steps of the quest fate 2 abuses

As Destiny 2 puffed during its seasons, several exotic quests have undergone changes. The Malfeasance quest was significantly simplified, and this is definitely a hand gun, which costs the effort. The main stages of the quest are as follows:

  • Kill the primitive in the Gambit.
  • Talk to the wanderer in the tower.
  • Defeat 25 opponents with a yellow Taken scale.
  • Complete the plaque desecrated.
  • Build particles and win matches in Gambit.
  • Defeat 25 opposing guards in the gamba and destroy the team as an invader yourself or ask an ally to do this three times.

Kill the primitive in the gambit

The quest begins after the murder of the primitive man in the Gambit. It just means victory in the match.

Talk with a wanderer in the tower

After the murder of the primitive, the monastery will call you back to the tower.


defeat 25 opponents taken with a yellow strip.

The monastery wants you to remove 25 yellow strips of Taken. Most often they can be found in the city of Dreams through missions and public events.

complete the plaque Defed

After you commit 25 murders, you will need to launch a special version of the desecrated strike. There is nothing special in this, and it can be performed in standard 5-10 minutes.

Build particles and win matches in Gambit

Then you will need to return to Gambit, win Gambit matches and make Motes. Please note that the dust-off dustings will be taken into account in your progress and will have twice as much value than those that were deposited. So play wisely and carefully.

win 25 warring guards in the gambit and make a command invasion.

This step consists of two parts. The first is to destroy 25 guards in the Gambit. It can be invaders or defending guards if you invade. The second part is to commit a command murder as an invader or force an ally to do this three times. If you are not confident in your PVP gambit, you need to be patient until you find a monster who was erasing the floor with an enemy team. Otherwise, Ghallarhorn and Super can help.

To find out more about Destiny 2, read the trial versions of Destiny 2, which will again present Freelance and Capture Zone in the game manuals for professionals.