Call of Duty: Warzone includes several game events and mysterious locations in Battle Royale modes. In the update of the last battle of the fifth season, a new goal called Judgment Day Station appeared. Players can fulfill this task to get rare prey items that can change the course of the match.


Где найти станцию Судного дня в Call of Duty Warzone?

Available in all Battle Royale modes on Caldera, only one Day of Judgment appears randomly in the match. You can find the Judgment Day station in the PIK area (POI). . Since there is a lot of land that needs to be covered, it is best to fly around the central part of the card by helicopter and find large black box .

If you are next to the Judgment Day station, red icon will appear on your screen and tactical map, as shown on the image above. Also follow the red signal missiles and approaching AI helicopters around the region, since they appear only when the player activates the Day of Judgment.

How does the Judgment Day station work in Call of Duty Warzone?

After detecting the Device Station device, you will need 10,000 dollars in cash for activation . After activation, you will need to protect the Day of Judgment in the same way as the reconnaissance contract, but for some time longer. Meanwhile, enemy AI soldiers will be reset to you with helicopters. Although these bots practically do not pose a threat, beware of any enemy players who could gather in your place.

What are the awards for the capture of the Judgment Day station?

After the successful capture of the Judgment Day station, you and your detachment will receive several very valuable items that will help you win the game:

Bonus of a specialist *-provides you at once all the privileges in the game.
Aviation -highlights the location of each safe zone on your map.
improved UAV -briefly notes every enemy player on the map.

In addition, players also get huge XP bonuses and cosmetic hours that can be equipped from a game menu.

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