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The demonstration version of the RPG Meg and the Bag, where the demons protect the girl, are postponed. To increase the number of compatible models

On September 29, the developer Opencast released the demo version of the adventure RPG Meg and Big on the Steam store page. At the same time, the product version distribution date, which was originally announced in October this year, will be postponed to early 2023. The reason for the new platform is said to be the reason. The compatible platform for this work is PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch, and new compatible platforms have not been revealed so far.

Meg and Big is an adventure RPG. The story begins when one girl gets lost in the Sakai. This girl, Meg, has a mysterious ability that she may be destroyed by crying. The protagonist, Roy, and her buddy Moran, realize this girl’s specialty, and she desperately seeks a way to return her to her human world. In the process, the party faces various monsters and events over various places in the Sakai.

There are many other inhabitants in the Sakai, and the things are literally eating humans. Roy’s who are walking with human children sometimes have a connection and fight. Roy has a large figure, and the HP is 99999. When the battle has begun, it seems like there is no enemy attack. It is easy to cover the Meg behind from the attack. But the problem is Meg’s mental side. The heart of her small child is easily damaged. If the battle is unfolded in front of you, and if you are scared and crying, the world will collapse. The player should manage it is not the main character’s website, but the heart of Meg behind it. Roy has to attack her enemy while using a toy discarded from the human world.

I also played the demo version. The battle screen is a familiar format, which is why the monster protects the girl stands out. The hero Roy has a high HP and knows that he will not die, but his damage is gradually reduced by his damage. It is a mechanism that conveys the feeling of protecting Meg by being able to keep yourself. Meg is a production in anticipation of its psychological impact, although it is useless in battle, but the subject to protect it is right behind. The enemy characters (outskirts) are also quite unique. From the characters drawn in dot pictures, the texture is like a picture book, and the expression is also transmitted. First, please touch the atmosphere with the demo version.

According to the announcement of the developer, the release time is early 2023. Initially, it was announced in October this year, but it was postponed. OPENCAST official Twitter states that this postponement is multi-platform compatible and polished the game itself.

Opencast, who works on this work, has released a smartphone application Bear Restaurant and Fishing Paradise in the past. Both have been transplanted for PC (Steam), and have been highly evaluated in each app store and Steam user reviews. Regarding Meg and Big, it is said that elements that have not been found in the studio work so far, such as battle elements, are included. In addition, this work is an ambitious work to be produced from zero for the first time in the studio other than mobile.

Meg and Big will be distributed in early 2023 to the undecided console in addition to PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch. This work will also participate in the Steam Next Festival from October 3rd. It seems that streaming by developers is performed.

Far cry 6 version is filtered

2021 was a year with great games. From metered dread, through return, to death loop. However, it is unlikely that Far Cry 6 be one of the titles that are recognized as Got. Even so, a filtration has revealed that, at least for Ubisoft, this delivery deserves to be recognized as a game of the year, and plan to celebrate with a special edition.

Recently, Aggiornamenti Lucia, a famous data mining, has discovered that the Microsoft Store has listed the game of the year upgrade pass for Far Cry 6. That is, this will be a package where we can not only enjoy the main experience, but all the DLC that we have seen in the last year will be included and, perhaps, some new content.

Although at the moment there is no official information, it does not sound unreasonable to think that, almost a year after its original launch, let’s look at the definitive Far Cry 6. package in addition to additional missions starring machete and Rambo, as well as a trip to the Upside Down, The original season pass also includes additional sections starring the villains of Far Cry 3, 4 and 5 .

Instead of paying for the complete game, and then buying the season pass, the idea of having everything in one place at a small price, it will surely be somewhat attractive to more than 1. The problem that many have pointed out is that no one recognizes Far Cry 6 as the game of the year 2021 . Considering that the official announcement is not yet carried out, Ubisoft could well change the name and call it Ultimate Edition. On related issues, here you can check our _far cry 6-fare review

Editor’s note:

Far Cry 6 It is not a bad game. It is actually quite entertaining, and I can even say that it is worth the price at which it is currently available. However, it is not the game of the year. Maybe for Ubisoft it is, but not for the rest of the world.

Thor: Love and Thunder was going to have scenes only for adults

The last film of the cinematographic universe of Marvel, Thor: Love and Thunder has raised different comments among fans who wanted a worthy farewell to the character. And after their arrival at Disney Plus , extra data have begun to emerge that include eliminated scenes that were going to be everything for adult audiences.

In an interview with Inverse , the actor of For, Christian Bale, mentioned that a classification scene was filmed, with moments when his character ruthlessly ends up with the different gods of the film. They had to remove, since the brand adaptations usually go for a more childish tone, or the farthest, to adolescents.

Here his statement:


With Thor: Love and Thunder, Taiga and I, we knew that some of the things we were doing would probably not end in the movie, but we wanted to press and see. Ultimately, it is and should be a film that the whole family can go and enjoy. And Chris Hemsworth, a couple of times he looked at me, and it was like, friend, that’s too much. I don’t think anyone wants to see that unless it is a film with R.

But it was a great pleasure to give him a chance. And we had a lot of fun making certain scenes and making certain decisions, even if they did not end in the final cut.

Remember that Thor Love and Thunder is available on streaming platforms.

FIFA 23: All choices to play FIFA 23 before the release

On September 30, 2022, the most recent component of the football game FIFA 23 (from EUR 69.98 will be released for PC, Change, PS4, PS5, One, Collection and also Stadia.

There are some alternatives for exactly how you can get begun before the launch.

Subscribers from EA Play or EA Play Pro on computer & console can begin with the Very early Access from FIFA 23 from today’s September 26th at 4 p.m. If you desire to proceed playing, you can evaluate a maximum of 10 hrs in the EA Play registration as well as have to purchase the game for the release on September 30.
This limitation is gotten rid of for owners of EA Play Pro and also the game is already included.
One more way to play before launch FIFA 23 is readily available for all pre-orders of the Ultimate Edition.
They can start from September 27th.
The Preload of FIFA23 is currently also readily available on all platforms for which you require around 40 GB storage room relying on the platform.

Haegin, relocated the office building to Sindorim D -Cube City Tower

Begin (CEO Lee Jong-il) announced on the 26th that it completed the relocation of the office building on SPACE-K 38 and 39 floors in Inform D-Cube City Tower.

The new headquarters of Begin has been focused on improving work efficiency and employee welfare, and consists of a number of spaces that can expand the space for each member and improve the work environment of the development personnel, and to communicate and collaborate smoothly among departments.

In addition, in the large cafeteria, the barista resides, and there are three rest areas by floor where you can relax while working.


D-Cube City, which is located in the Inform Station, is a land mart office building that represents various bus routes and excellent transportation accessibility directly to Inform Station (Subway Lines 1-2). It has a variety of infrastructure, including support facilities.

An official from Hawaii said, We plan to secure new personnel and strengthen our technology and business capabilities by using the relocation of the office building.

On the other hand, Begin implements stock options and incentive systems that provide benefits to members with the company’s growth, and welfare system such as welfare expenses worth 2 million won, anniversary and shortening work, breakfast, lunch support, and housing loan interest support. It is being implemented.

The by the Blade: The Release appointment as well as a brand-new trailer for hardcore combating

To offer you an additional perception of what is lively in Die By the blade, a brand-new trailer with fresh game scenes was launched.

As guaranteed by the main side, we are managing a hardcore combating title here, in which you can use various different weapons. The emphasis of the important things: In the tactical skirmishes of Pass away by the blade, a solitary objective can currently make the distinction.

In order to be able to attract attention from the countless reps of the fighting title category, Wales, Grindstone and also Three-way Hillside Interactive at The By The blade relied on a somewhat different strategy.

The release happens in winter months

In enhancement, the final release day of The By The blade was confirmed: November 3, 2022. In order to be able to maintain the advantage in the disputes with your adversaries, according to the liable programmers, you make use of a diverse selection of tools with different movements As well as exercise your really own method in the battle.

The by the blade appears, to name a few points, for PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 5.

Then you venture right into the sectors online and also attempt to place your opponents in their barriers and also to establish a place on top of global rankings. At the same time, it will be feasible to adjust your personality individually as well as to tailor your very own dreams.

More reports on the by the blade.

Diablo Immortal: The biggest material up until now will certainly quickly be released

that remains in Forgotten Nightmares.

If you are just one of the Diablo fans that sometimes play a round of immortal, after that we have good news for you! On September 28, 2022, the largest web content upgrade in the Mobile MMOs awaits you with Forgotten Nightmares Soon after that, on September 29, the Battle Pass season 5 is already on the program with updated obstacles as well as incentives.

The Snowstorm programmers provide the update thoroughly in detail in the DEV update ingrained in video type as well as in this review short article on the official site. Below are the highlight functions:

  • With a little good luck, you can locate the new genealogical tools when safeguarding as well as cleaning the depths. To use the power of these weapons, you have to place them in your forefather tableau, which is in the heart of Arranger Castle.

  • With the new dungeon quiet abbey, the story pursuit collection of Immortal continues. Care: the circumstances is wrapped in the timeless evening. Only if you can light up the halls with source of lights can the headache hordes be deteriorated and beat.

  • Soldiers get a brand-new house with Arranger Castle. The castle changes the army camps.

  • However, unwelcome guests are walking around in Arranger. Clean the depths with your squad to end up being much more powerful as well as get the remains that you can after that display in the troop areas.

  • The defense of Arranger is additionally on the program. You have to put the strike of satanic forces back on your group, which enables you to earn extra benefits. There is a conventional and an endless setting.

On October 2, 2022, the 5th employer is to appear in the relic of heck on October 2, 2022. You can also earn brand-new collections.

To web page

* With the new dungeon silent abbey, the story pursuit series of Never-ceasing proceeds. * The defense of Arranger is also on the program.

If you are one of the Diablo fans that occasionally play a round of immortal, after that we have great news for you! Shortly later on, on September 29, the Battle Pass season 5 is currently on the program with upgraded benefits as well as challenges.

Karsten Scholz

Splatoon 3 The shavings method to the coalition fest stage is discovered. Forbidden technique that approaches idols

Platoon 3 has a festival main festival from 9:00 on September 24. Normally, the daytime Ankara street was lit up at night, and lively songs continue to flow. In such a festival, it seems that a player climbing on the stage around Ankara Street has appeared.

The festival that is being held this time is the annual event of the Platoon series. For a certain period of time, players will be divided into each camp and battle. Except for the night festival held before the release, this festival, the first time of Platoon 3, was the theme, If you want to take it to an uninhabited island? Tool vs food vs. Players vote for one of the tools, food, and dust to determine which one is required, and are dividing into three sides and fighting hot.

Ankara Street is in the festival mode, as if to increase the morale for the battle. Everywhere in the city is displayed with glittering neon light. In addition, the idol group Shrimp coalition, who usually delivers the radio in the studio, dances on a stage around the city with his own song Barbarian Shell Mixed Modern and excites the festival. The coalition is a group of three people, Pukka, Tho and Man taro. At the festival, each of them has their own mobile stages.

Meanwhile, a player who shared appeared on the stage where the coalition was riding. It is a place that should not be able to reach. However, ATH Yamawasabi posted the pattern on SNS. He is jumping on the flowing stage of the flowing from the telephone pole outside the town of Ankara.

On the procedure on this stage, ATH and Wasabi have posted a commentary on YouTube. The place is a hill further deeper of the telephone pole mentioned above. However, the end of the hill is surrounded by fences.


ATH Yamawasabi, who climbed the hill in the commentary video, launched the shooting mode here. Adjust the position of the drone that appears in the shooting mode, set the camera timer in 10 seconds to start shooting. In this state, it seems that if you become squid and go back and forth on the drone and the fence, you may be able to skip the fence and jump up. After that, jump and land on the telephone pole. He jumped to the stage where Fauna danced, and played a wonderful co-star. By the way, probably because of the stage contact judgment, my character is physically floating.

In this way, it seems that it is possible to share not only Pukka but also the stage of Tho and Man taro. You will be able to enjoy the fourth rubbing coalition.

The heart of this phenomenon is a wall-free technique using a drone in shooting mode. One of the bugs of Platoon 3 is to use jellyfish near the wall to pass through the wall. This is also introduced in videos posted by ATH Yamawasabi on YouTube. The stage phase riding method using this drone seems to have been applied. Mr. Demon discovered this drone wall to YouTube in the past. ATH Yamawasabi seems to have found a way to jump on the stage using the technique.

By the way, this method will feel difficult until you get the tips. First, maybe you’ll be struggling to get out of fences using drones. I tried several times and managed to get out of the fence, but it was not very stable. Furthermore, landing on the telephone pole was failed many times from the top of the fence.

ATH Yamawasabi has published a new method for players who do not work like the author. This is a method to do under the hill. Players who want to take a picture next to the coalition because the following videos are explained in the video below.

However, since this shared technique uses a bug, it may be fixed. Although it seems that there is no nuisance to other players, the game may cause some malfunction. Therefore, it should be noted that the use is at your own risk.

Platoon 3 is on sale for Nintendo Switch. The festival is held until 9:00 on September 26.

LOL – Worlds 2022: results, equipment, schedules and much more about the World Championship

The League of Legends competition reaches its end with the celebration of the Worlds 2022 . The World Championship closes a year of tournaments with the proposal of a pitched battle. A total of 24 teams from all the competitive regions of the planet will have to measure themselves against each other for more than a month with the aim of being those who raise the trophy when the last map of the last game is played in a final that will take place the Chase San Francisco Center.

So that you can be prepared, then you we count everything you need to know about the great competition of League of Legends in which all eyes will focus throughout the month.

All teams classified to the Worlds 2022

For the first time since the beginning of the Pandemia, the World League of Legends championship has recovered its usual format with 24 teams from all regions of the world . The only great absence will be that of the Russian teams, whose competition has been suspended indefinitely due to the conflict in Ukraine. For this kind of sanction the Europeans have benefited, who have seen how the LEC region won a fourth place to classify the 2022 Worlds.

Regarding the teams, we must remember that not all classified are at the same level. Depending on the results obtained, there are some that will land directly in the final phase and others that will be forced to go through a first stage of the Play-In nominee. In the format section you can understand the difference.

These are all the teams directly classified to the main event…

And here are those who still have to play the play-in…

Competitive format of the Worlds 2022

From the change of format that took place in the World League of Legends championship during the year 20217, the tournament has two large different phases . On the one hand is the play-in and on the other the main event. Each of these phases is in turn divided into two stages (groups and qualifiers). All matches will be played in patch 12.18.


It is the first ETA of the Worlds 2022. It will take place in Mexico between September 29 and October 5. During this phase the teams are divided into two groups and each of the participants play a match for the best of a map against the rivals of their group. Depending on the results…

* First classified : Go directly to the main event

Second classified *: Go to the classification party, which is played to the best of five maps. In this confrontation the rival of the opposite group that has won the decisive party is measured.
Third and fourth classified : They are measured with each other in the elimination match for the best of five maps. The winner will have the right to play the classification game, while the loser is eliminated.
fifth and sixth classified : eliminated

Main event

After the raffle being carried out, the equipment is assigned to a group based on the following conditions…

  • Only a team of each hype can be in a group
  • In the same group, teams from the same region cannot coincide (except for Europe)
  • The fourth classified of each group is completed with a raffle following these criteria based on the play-in classified equipment

Note : Due to the imbalance of format caused by granting four places to LEC that initially did not correspond, two European teams will coincide in the same group in case all reach the main event.

The teams play matches to the best of a map against all their group rivals in a total of two occasions and, depending on the results…

First classified *: advances to the quarterfinals as standard head
Second classified : advances to the quarterfinals and faces a standard head
Third and fourth classified : Eliminated

From the quarterfinals , the tournament becomes a unique elimination box in which all matches are played at the best of five.


Depending on the final classification of each of the phases, the following Awards … will be assigned…

To these amounts, a percentage of the collection for sales of the new Air Worlds 2022 will have to be added.

Calendar: dates and time of the Worlds 2022

These are the next matches that will be played in the Worlds 2022

When do each phase play?

Play-in *: From September to October 5 from 22:00
Groups : from October 7 to 11 from 23:00 and from October 13 to 17 from 9:00 p.m.
quarterfinals : from October 20 to 23 from 23:00
Semifinals : October 29 and 30 from 23:00
* Final : November 6 at 01:00.

*The last weekend of October is held in Spain.

Where to see the 2022 Worlds?

As usual, we have several retransmission options.
In Spain, rights belong to LAP that will issue it on its Twitch channel.
The official retransmission of Riot Games or the option to enjoy it unified in the language of our region from the Lol esports page will also be available.

Web-breeding on the event Genshin Impact Trial of the Scorching Sands

The Web Mary of Genshin Impact Trite of the Scorching Sands celebrates the upcoming release of CNO, the five-star user Electron Pole arm, which you can pull out on the first banner in updating version 3.1. The web event takes place from September 23 , 2022 , Until September 28 , 2022 , and open to all players. This event takes only a few minutes, so do not miss the opportunity to quickly get 40 flare-gums.

Start by switching to the official page of the web event. Make sure that you are included in your account Holdovers, which is also your Genshin Impact account. Choose the correct server and character, as the awards will be distributed by house-game mail.

How to Pass the Web Subject Testing Squiring sands in genshin Impact

This is a web event is very simple: you need to help Dino pack his bag before going to the desert. On the left side of the screen you will see a list of things that you need to pack:

  • x3 full wines
  • X2 Full provision package

Two elements are circled in the image above. Click on drill ( left circle ) three times and a package of provisions ( right circle ) twice. You can click on Ryukyu Dino on the right side of the screen to remove the elements to free up the place. In addition, as soon as the bag is filled, you will be given the opportunity to expand the inventory slots by performing the following actions:

  • Share an event.


  • See the contents of the new version.
  • Check and subscribe to Genshin Impact on Twitter.

After you packed all the necessary items, click head to the desert to the right to accompany Dino and complete the web identity. You will be rewarded with X40 Prime, x3 fragment of amethyst Bajada, X20,000 Morey and X2 Mystic Enhancement Orné. They will be sent to your in-game mail for five to ten minutes. If you have not received awards, check again to make sure that you played the online event using the correct account.

Check out our guidance on Genshin Impact Melody of Dreamlike Wanderings Loyola to complete another simple web event.

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