The Game Water Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Game Committee) conducted ‘2022 game licensed licensing faculty’ for 24 civil servants who are in charge of licensing of game-based businesses in 23 local governments nationwide in the Seoul Station conference room.


The training, sponsored by the Game Committee and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, was composed of practical and examples. ▲ Game law interpretation ▲ Understanding the compliance with game operators ▲ Complaints the latest civil complaints and cases, and responded to the field questions. As a result of surveying satisfaction with attendees, he scored 89 points.

In addition, the Game Committee will also provide non-face-to-face education through the educational portal from August 8 to September 30. Non-face-to-face education consists of a total of 10 (38th) curriculum, providing basic knowledge related to licensing of game industry, such as understanding the game industry and law, violating law violations and sanctions. To date, 149 local government officials have participated in non-face-to-face education.

Kim Kyu-cheol, chairman of the Game Committee, said, I think that the public officials in charge of management in the front line to prevent illegal game distribution will be deeply concerned. I will not.