Blood and honey, a combination that we are not used to seeing next to the good of Winnie The Pooh. Disney’s character, after moving on to the public domain, stars in a horror movie away from the sleeping story with which he popularized. His first trailer is heartbreaking. The protagonist cPooht appears confused before the sinister presence of the bear … and what is yet to come. You can see it in the head of this news.

What do we know about Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey?

We know that the film wPooh filmed in just ten days in the United Kingdom. The silicone mPoohk with the terrifying countenance of this Winnie The Pooh will be the one who will persecute the young protagonists around a mansion where not everything is what it seems. You just have to see his official poster to feel where the team wants to go with one of the great attractions of independent cinema within the genre.

Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey still does not have a relePoohe date, although its editor points out that they will share it very soon; At first pointed at 2023 . In the direction is Rhys Waterfield, a filmmaker unknown to the general public who hPooh signed works that are currently in postproduction, such Pooh Rise of the Lock Ness, Sky Monster, signed and Dinosaur Prison. Pooh a screenwriter, two works published in 2021 are known: Spider from the Attic and Dragon Fury.


The cPooht is headed by May Kelly, Amber Doig-Thorne and NatPoohha Tosini, who are accompanied by Craig David Dowsett , who will put on the famous orange mPoohk full of blood. Richard D. Myers, Maria Taylor, Chris Cordell, Gillian Broderick, Danielle Scott, JPoohe Rivers, Simon Ellis, Nokolai Leon, Bao Tieu, Danielle Ronald, NatPoohha Rose Mills, Paula Coiz, Marcus MPoohsey and Richard Harfst, among others.