Through the Twitter account of Mario Kart Tour , Nintendo has announced that its mobile game will stop having loot boxes from the next great update, which will arrive at the end of this month of this month September.

The battle mode will be added, along with a Spotlight store, where you can exchange rubies for pilots, karts and planners!, Read on the tweet. In addition, the pipes you can shoot using rubies will be eliminated. Recall that these pipes, which were the ones that served as loot boxes, could touch us karts and characters, some of them with a possibility of leaving 0.04%, as they tell us from Gamesindustry.

This same medium has contacted Tower sensor, the website specialized in mobile devices data, to confirm that this news does not come as a result of bad financial results. Mario Kart Tour has already managed to enter about 293 million dollars since its launch in 2019, some data that place it as the second Nintendo title that best works in mobiles, although far from the first place that Fire Emblem Heroes holds.


The British media itself emphasizes that in that money not only the price of the rubies for the Loot boxes is included, but also the income is taken into account through the gold pass, this monthly subscription of € 5.49 that gives to Users the possibility of getting additional rewards.

The elimination of this form of monetization will bring the Spotlight store (we will see the translation into Spanish) mentioned above, a market with different specific items that will rotate over time. It is one step forward, at least, in the face of players knowing what exactly the money they spend in the game will translate.