For years, it was known that Ezra Bridger, a character we originally saw in Star Wars Rebels , will appear in the _Asoka series. Although for a long time it was unknown who would be the one to give life to this Jedi in Live Action, a new report has finally revealed us to the person responsible for this role.

Although for a long time it was expected that MENA Massed, whom we saw as Aladdin in the remake live action of the animated classic, had this role, today, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Man Evans, who appeared in the Inspection and King Richard, will be in charge of playing Ezra in the Asoka series of Disney+.

At the moment there is not much official information by Disney, but considering that D23 will take place this weekend, It is very likely that in the next few hours there will be more details , and the possibility is not yet ruled out to see the actor in the role of Ezra during a trailer of Asoka.

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Editor’s note:

Now that we know who Ezra will be, now we just need to meet the manager who will give life to Thrown in the Asoka series. However, there is still a lot to see this conflict in action, since you must first see what will happen in the Mandalorian.