The Colleague of Legends Globe Cup is simply around the bend. To qualify, the groups need to win the LEC split. G2 already won the title in spring and, after a 3– 0 victory over Rogue, qualified early for the final in the summer period. However, Rogue returns to the last of the Summer split with a clap at G2.

What should you know beforehand:

  • The professional team Rogue had been able to assert itself versus Fanatic 3– 1 in the semi-finals in the semi-finals as well as moved into the last of the Summer split for the 3rd time.
  • However, you have the online reputation of not being able to win the LEC as well as, so it was previously assumed that you drive to the Worlds again without a title as well as only qualify by means of the play-ins.
  • After G2 had actually currently beat Rogue 3– 0 ahead of time, they were considered a clear favorite in the game. Yet for G2 a lot did not go according to intend in this last.

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rogue destroys G2 eSports

Why was the video game for G2 a clap? After a clear triumph in the semi-finals versus Rogue, the leading group G2 eSports from the LEC had to take a great deal in the final. With a 3– 0 success, Rogue obtains her very first trophy. Right here we tell you how it came around:

The initial game in between G2 as well as Rogue originally took a little time to start. Nevertheless, Rogue took care of to tear the video game itself within a few mins. 2 kills, one between as well as one on the Bot lane, result in decisive benefits. Soon later on there was a large team battle in the second kite that Rogue might sway.

Due to this benefit, Rogue was able to insist himself in the game and also pressed G2 back into its base. That was possibly not nearly enough for the ADC of Rogue Marks Compensation Stamkopoulos. He even made a four-fold murder as well as with the aid of his team also the five-way kill versus G2.
| game 1 **

You can view the comment Entails from Common in the English YouTube video:

A mistake by Marcin Janos Minkowski, the Rogue manipulate, led to another baron enthusiast as well as therefore Rogue to triumph. G2 was overrun by the following offensive.

In the second video game, it was not clear who had the game in hand. Both teams provided themselves nothing until Rogue was able to deal with the G2 players in the fourth kite and also managed to eliminate 4 of the opponents without shedding a player themselves.
| game 2 **

G2 already won the title in springtime as well as, after a 3– 0 triumph over Rogue, certified early for the last in the summer season. After a clear triumph in the semi-finals against Rogue, the leading team G2 eSports from the LEC had to take a lot in the last. The first game between G2 and Rogue initially took a little time to obtain going. Due to this benefit, Rogue was able to assert himself in the game and pressed G2 back into its base. The 3– 0 victory against G2 Esports provided Rogue access to the Worlds 2022.

As a result of the gold benefit, they were able to assail G2 at the baron and also thus obtain the baron aficionado. With a press, Rogue was able to end the video game a few mins later on and also assert himself against G2 with a 3– 0.

This offered the team the baron aficionado as well as made sure that the base of G2 could be taken down. G2 briefly managed to steer the video game back in their direction, yet Kim Malian Geun-Seong defended the base and stopped the early video game.

Why is the triumph so important? The first prize for Rogue: |* for Emil Larsen Larsson was a house video game in Malmö.

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| game 3 **

At the end of the 3rd video game, he holds an interview as well as informs how special it really feels to ruin those 3– 0, of which they were just ruined a week previously and also even in the final of the Lec-Summerplits (through

What does that mean for the Worlds 2022? The 3– 0 success against G2 Esports provided Rogue access to the Worlds 2022. As a trophy holder of the Summer split, Rogue qualified straight for the group phase of the Globes.

It was not only the very first prize for Larsen. Andrei Done Pasco likewise held the LEC prize in their hands for the very first time. After 7 years of career and 3 last video games in the LEC, he did not wish to proceed his career with the stamp of a looser, however damaged the meme of the 0– 3 Rogue defeats as well as obtain the title.

In the 3rd video game, Rogue obtained a farm and also gold advantage of just under 4,000 via private superiority on each lane. Rogue shone with a safe method of playing and drove straight towards triumph.