Call of Duty as a franchise is known as a first-person shooter in the arena. Like his predecessors, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 includes special 6 on 6 cards and modes in a network game, which are the main essence of the series. Here is a guide for all 6 to 6 modes that will appear in the game, which we still know about.

All game modes 6 on 6 in the multiplayer game Modern Warfare 2

confirmed the return of game modes

Team battle to death *: Your only goal is to destroy as many opponents as possible in the allotted time. The team wins, the first reaching the point of glasses. This is a classic run and shoot mode with the revival.
Domination *: There will be various fixed control points on the map, and your goal will be captured. You get glasses depending on how many places you defended and how long you guard them.

Find and destroy *: Battle without a revival between two teams, where one side attacks and the other defends. To win the round, attackers must install and blow up a bomb at one of the laying places. On the other hand, the defenders should prevent or neutralize the bomb production plant.
Hard point *: The capture point rotates on the map, and the team that controls it longer wins.

New game modes

Cut up *: a regime without a revival, in which you need to destroy the opposite team or capture and hold a package located in the center of the card to win.
Salvation of prisoners *: While the attackers should save the hostages and bring them out alive, the defenders must prevent this.


Players will be able to test these game modes during open beta testing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which will begin on September 16. Although various cards and modes will be presented in beta testing, the final version of the game will contain much more content.

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