[ Moon Byung-soo] Smile gate Group announced on the 20th that it has established the ‘Diversity & Inclusion (D & I)’ and appointed Back mid-Jun IP business manager as CIO (Chief diversity inclusion officer).

The company explained the background of the new D & I room, The desire to enjoy good content is not limited to borders, age, disability, and gender, and we want to respect the cultural diversity of countries around the world. In addition, IP and content that reflects D & I value will spread joy and hope, and realize Smile gate’s own Corporate Shared Value (CSV).


Back mid-Jun, who was appointed as a CIO, has been in charge of IP business and has led the IP diversification of Smile gate Group. He also served as the head of the ‘Future Lab’ center, which creates the ‘talent culture room’ in the group and the creative environment of future generations. Smile gate expects that Back’s appointment of CIO will be able to conceive the value of diversity and inclusion in the group culture and reflect it in the group IP.

Smile gate has recruited Lee Kyung-jin, an expert in D & I, to realize the D & I value and enhance competitiveness of Smile gate through D & I. Lee has served as ‘APAC Region D & I Leader’ in the global company EY, and formed a DIN (Korea Diversity and Inclusiveness Network) for the purpose of spreading D & I value that linked industry-academia, and focuses on co-founding members with co-founding members every month. It is in progress.

As a result, Smile gate became the first company to establish a separate D & I room in the Korean game industry and appoint a C-level organization. As the value of diversity and inclusion becomes more important in the world, global entertainment and game companies are systematically operating D & I-related organizations.

Back mid-Jun, Smile gate Group CIO, said, In many research results and actual work experience, inclusive environments and diversity play an important role in creating creative results. I want to be a smile gate that conveys pleasure to more people.