The League of Legends competition reaches its end with the celebration of the Worlds 2022 . The World Championship closes a year of tournaments with the proposal of a pitched battle. A total of 24 teams from all the competitive regions of the planet will have to measure themselves against each other for more than a month with the aim of being those who raise the trophy when the last map of the last game is played in a final that will take place the Chase San Francisco Center.

So that you can be prepared, then you we count everything you need to know about the great competition of League of Legends in which all eyes will focus throughout the month.

All teams classified to the Worlds 2022

For the first time since the beginning of the Pandemia, the World League of Legends championship has recovered its usual format with 24 teams from all regions of the world . The only great absence will be that of the Russian teams, whose competition has been suspended indefinitely due to the conflict in Ukraine. For this kind of sanction the Europeans have benefited, who have seen how the LEC region won a fourth place to classify the 2022 Worlds.

Regarding the teams, we must remember that not all classified are at the same level. Depending on the results obtained, there are some that will land directly in the final phase and others that will be forced to go through a first stage of the Play-In nominee. In the format section you can understand the difference.

These are all the teams directly classified to the main event…

And here are those who still have to play the play-in…

Competitive format of the Worlds 2022

From the change of format that took place in the World League of Legends championship during the year 20217, the tournament has two large different phases . On the one hand is the play-in and on the other the main event. Each of these phases is in turn divided into two stages (groups and qualifiers). All matches will be played in patch 12.18.


It is the first ETA of the Worlds 2022. It will take place in Mexico between September 29 and October 5. During this phase the teams are divided into two groups and each of the participants play a match for the best of a map against the rivals of their group. Depending on the results…

* First classified : Go directly to the main event

Second classified *: Go to the classification party, which is played to the best of five maps. In this confrontation the rival of the opposite group that has won the decisive party is measured.
Third and fourth classified : They are measured with each other in the elimination match for the best of five maps. The winner will have the right to play the classification game, while the loser is eliminated.
fifth and sixth classified : eliminated

Main event

After the raffle being carried out, the equipment is assigned to a group based on the following conditions…

  • Only a team of each hype can be in a group
  • In the same group, teams from the same region cannot coincide (except for Europe)
  • The fourth classified of each group is completed with a raffle following these criteria based on the play-in classified equipment

Note : Due to the imbalance of format caused by granting four places to LEC that initially did not correspond, two European teams will coincide in the same group in case all reach the main event.

The teams play matches to the best of a map against all their group rivals in a total of two occasions and, depending on the results…

First classified *: advances to the quarterfinals as standard head
Second classified : advances to the quarterfinals and faces a standard head
Third and fourth classified : Eliminated

From the quarterfinals , the tournament becomes a unique elimination box in which all matches are played at the best of five.


Depending on the final classification of each of the phases, the following Awards … will be assigned…

To these amounts, a percentage of the collection for sales of the new Air Worlds 2022 will have to be added.

Calendar: dates and time of the Worlds 2022

These are the next matches that will be played in the Worlds 2022

When do each phase play?

Play-in *: From September to October 5 from 22:00
Groups : from October 7 to 11 from 23:00 and from October 13 to 17 from 9:00 p.m.
quarterfinals : from October 20 to 23 from 23:00
Semifinals : October 29 and 30 from 23:00
* Final : November 6 at 01:00.

*The last weekend of October is held in Spain.

Where to see the 2022 Worlds?

As usual, we have several retransmission options.
In Spain, rights belong to LAP that will issue it on its Twitch channel.
The official retransmission of Riot Games or the option to enjoy it unified in the language of our region from the Lol esports page will also be available.