Platoon 3 has a festival main festival from 9:00 on September 24. Normally, the daytime Ankara street was lit up at night, and lively songs continue to flow. In such a festival, it seems that a player climbing on the stage around Ankara Street has appeared.

The festival that is being held this time is the annual event of the Platoon series. For a certain period of time, players will be divided into each camp and battle. Except for the night festival held before the release, this festival, the first time of Platoon 3, was the theme, If you want to take it to an uninhabited island? Tool vs food vs. Players vote for one of the tools, food, and dust to determine which one is required, and are dividing into three sides and fighting hot.

Ankara Street is in the festival mode, as if to increase the morale for the battle. Everywhere in the city is displayed with glittering neon light. In addition, the idol group Shrimp coalition, who usually delivers the radio in the studio, dances on a stage around the city with his own song Barbarian Shell Mixed Modern and excites the festival. The coalition is a group of three people, Pukka, Tho and Man taro. At the festival, each of them has their own mobile stages.

Meanwhile, a player who shared appeared on the stage where the coalition was riding. It is a place that should not be able to reach. However, ATH Yamawasabi posted the pattern on SNS. He is jumping on the flowing stage of the flowing from the telephone pole outside the town of Ankara.

On the procedure on this stage, ATH and Wasabi have posted a commentary on YouTube. The place is a hill further deeper of the telephone pole mentioned above. However, the end of the hill is surrounded by fences.


ATH Yamawasabi, who climbed the hill in the commentary video, launched the shooting mode here. Adjust the position of the drone that appears in the shooting mode, set the camera timer in 10 seconds to start shooting. In this state, it seems that if you become squid and go back and forth on the drone and the fence, you may be able to skip the fence and jump up. After that, jump and land on the telephone pole. He jumped to the stage where Fauna danced, and played a wonderful co-star. By the way, probably because of the stage contact judgment, my character is physically floating.

In this way, it seems that it is possible to share not only Pukka but also the stage of Tho and Man taro. You will be able to enjoy the fourth rubbing coalition.

The heart of this phenomenon is a wall-free technique using a drone in shooting mode. One of the bugs of Platoon 3 is to use jellyfish near the wall to pass through the wall. This is also introduced in videos posted by ATH Yamawasabi on YouTube. The stage phase riding method using this drone seems to have been applied. Mr. Demon discovered this drone wall to YouTube in the past. ATH Yamawasabi seems to have found a way to jump on the stage using the technique.

By the way, this method will feel difficult until you get the tips. First, maybe you’ll be struggling to get out of fences using drones. I tried several times and managed to get out of the fence, but it was not very stable. Furthermore, landing on the telephone pole was failed many times from the top of the fence.

ATH Yamawasabi has published a new method for players who do not work like the author. This is a method to do under the hill. Players who want to take a picture next to the coalition because the following videos are explained in the video below.

However, since this shared technique uses a bug, it may be fixed. Although it seems that there is no nuisance to other players, the game may cause some malfunction. Therefore, it should be noted that the use is at your own risk.

Platoon 3 is on sale for Nintendo Switch. The festival is held until 9:00 on September 26.