Begin (CEO Lee Jong-il) announced on the 26th that it completed the relocation of the office building on SPACE-K 38 and 39 floors in Inform D-Cube City Tower.

The new headquarters of Begin has been focused on improving work efficiency and employee welfare, and consists of a number of spaces that can expand the space for each member and improve the work environment of the development personnel, and to communicate and collaborate smoothly among departments.

In addition, in the large cafeteria, the barista resides, and there are three rest areas by floor where you can relax while working.


D-Cube City, which is located in the Inform Station, is a land mart office building that represents various bus routes and excellent transportation accessibility directly to Inform Station (Subway Lines 1-2). It has a variety of infrastructure, including support facilities.

An official from Hawaii said, We plan to secure new personnel and strengthen our technology and business capabilities by using the relocation of the office building.

On the other hand, Begin implements stock options and incentive systems that provide benefits to members with the company’s growth, and welfare system such as welfare expenses worth 2 million won, anniversary and shortening work, breakfast, lunch support, and housing loan interest support. It is being implemented.