2021 was a year with great games. From metered dread, through return, to death loop. However, it is unlikely that Far Cry 6 be one of the titles that are recognized as Got. Even so, a filtration has revealed that, at least for Ubisoft, this delivery deserves to be recognized as a game of the year, and plan to celebrate with a special edition.

Recently, Aggiornamenti Lucia, a famous data mining, has discovered that the Microsoft Store has listed the game of the year upgrade pass for Far Cry 6. That is, this will be a package where we can not only enjoy the main experience, but all the DLC that we have seen in the last year will be included and, perhaps, some new content.

Although at the moment there is no official information, it does not sound unreasonable to think that, almost a year after its original launch, let’s look at the definitive Far Cry 6. package in addition to additional missions starring machete and Rambo, as well as a trip to the Upside Down, The original season pass also includes additional sections starring the villains of Far Cry 3, 4 and 5 .

Instead of paying for the complete game, and then buying the season pass, the idea of having everything in one place at a small price, it will surely be somewhat attractive to more than 1. The problem that many have pointed out is that no one recognizes Far Cry 6 as the game of the year 2021 . Considering that the official announcement is not yet carried out, Ubisoft could well change the name and call it Ultimate Edition. On related issues, here you can check our _far cry 6-fare review

Editor’s note:

Far Cry 6 It is not a bad game. It is actually quite entertaining, and I can even say that it is worth the price at which it is currently available. However, it is not the game of the year. Maybe for Ubisoft it is, but not for the rest of the world.