On September 29, the developer Opencast released the demo version of the adventure RPG Meg and Big on the Steam store page. At the same time, the product version distribution date, which was originally announced in October this year, will be postponed to early 2023. The reason for the new platform is said to be the reason. The compatible platform for this work is PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch, and new compatible platforms have not been revealed so far.

Meg and Big is an adventure RPG. The story begins when one girl gets lost in the Sakai. This girl, Meg, has a mysterious ability that she may be destroyed by crying. The protagonist, Roy, and her buddy Moran, realize this girl’s specialty, and she desperately seeks a way to return her to her human world. In the process, the party faces various monsters and events over various places in the Sakai.

There are many other inhabitants in the Sakai, and the things are literally eating humans. Roy’s who are walking with human children sometimes have a connection and fight. Roy has a large figure, and the HP is 99999. When the battle has begun, it seems like there is no enemy attack. It is easy to cover the Meg behind from the attack. But the problem is Meg’s mental side. The heart of her small child is easily damaged. If the battle is unfolded in front of you, and if you are scared and crying, the world will collapse. The player should manage it is not the main character’s website, but the heart of Meg behind it. Roy has to attack her enemy while using a toy discarded from the human world.

I also played the demo version. The battle screen is a familiar format, which is why the monster protects the girl stands out. The hero Roy has a high HP and knows that he will not die, but his damage is gradually reduced by his damage. It is a mechanism that conveys the feeling of protecting Meg by being able to keep yourself. Meg is a production in anticipation of its psychological impact, although it is useless in battle, but the subject to protect it is right behind. The enemy characters (outskirts) are also quite unique. From the characters drawn in dot pictures, the texture is like a picture book, and the expression is also transmitted. First, please touch the atmosphere with the demo version.

According to the announcement of the developer, the release time is early 2023. Initially, it was announced in October this year, but it was postponed. OPENCAST official Twitter states that this postponement is multi-platform compatible and polished the game itself.

Opencast, who works on this work, has released a smartphone application Bear Restaurant and Fishing Paradise in the past. Both have been transplanted for PC (Steam), and have been highly evaluated in each app store and Steam user reviews. Regarding Meg and Big, it is said that elements that have not been found in the studio work so far, such as battle elements, are included. In addition, this work is an ambitious work to be produced from zero for the first time in the studio other than mobile.

Meg and Big will be distributed in early 2023 to the undecided console in addition to PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch. This work will also participate in the Steam Next Festival from October 3rd. It seems that streaming by developers is performed.