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Resident Evil: The evolution of Leon and Ada Wong throughout the series

Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong are two of the most important characters in Resident Evil’s history, and had their stories interconnected in almost every game in the main series, especially in 1998 Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 4 (2005) and Resident Evil 6, released in 2012 and so far the latest game in the chronology of the franchise in which the duo was highlighted.

Taking into consideration the year of birth of each of the characters, Leon, 1977, is now 45 years old, while Ada, 1974, is 48 years old. Unfortunately for fans, neither appeared in the latest games in Resident Evil’s chronology, so we know the current look of Leon and Ada, being Re 6, a game in which Leon was 35, and Ada, 38, the one who showed The older versions of the characters so far.

Still, Resident Evil 2 remakes, 2019, and Resident Evil 4, which arrives in March 2023, updated the visuals of the characters with more photorealist versions than the versions of the original games, even highlighting the oriental traits of ADA, which is described in the game’s own wiki as a Chinese spy.

MGG azil has prepared a list showing Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong’s graphic evolution over the last 24 years, as both debuted in the series in 1998. Check it out.

Leon in Resident Evil 2 (1998)

Leon in Resident Evil 4 (2005)

Leon in Resident Evil: The Dark side Chronicles (2007)

Leon in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (2012)

Leon in Resident Evil 6 (2012)

Leon in Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019)

Leon in Resident Evil 4 Remake (launch in March 2023)

Ada Wong Resident Evil 2 (1998)

Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4 (2005)

Ada Wong in Resident Evil: The Umella Chronicles (2007)

Ada Wong in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (2012)


Ada Wong in Resident Evil 6 (2012)

Ada Wong in Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019)

Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4 Remake (Launch in March 2023)

12 things to do after beating Cyberpunk 2077 (after the game/end of the game)

Cyberpunk 2077 finally came out, and while CDPR is busy working in patches, new DLC content, a multiplayer mode and much more to come, players are absorbing the entire Night City atmosphere. However, this is a CDPR game, so just because you have finished the main story, there is still much to do and do. Then you will find 12 things to do after beating Cyberpunk 2077 .

Complete the content of the Edge runners update

The first important update of Cyberpunk 2077 was launched along with a Netflix anime series that exceeded all expectations. It is a series that recharged the enthusiasm of the entire Cyberpunk franchise, since it saw new and old players start the game in record numbers. However, curiously, there are not really a lot of new content to play in the game; Even so, you should probably go and check it if you haven’t done it yet.

There are three new concerts: Concrete Cage Trap, Desperate Measures and Nasty Hangover. There are also six new firearms to find and five new weapons melee. Finally, there is a new arcade mini-game called Roach Race to try to compete for high scores.

Complete all Cyberpyscho Sightings and NCPD missions

The fact that you have advanced in the main story of Cyberpunk 2077 does not mean that you have seen everything Night City has to offer. There are still a lot of things to continue touring the streets, namely Cyberpsycho and Missions of NCPD scanner.

While it is possible that you have already eliminated the Night City Cyberpschos, the NCPD Scanner Hustle missions cost more than one penny the dozen, so some probably some to complete.

They are not the most varied mission types, they often require that you simply eliminate enemies in the streets, but if you want to get all trophies and achievements in the game, you should do all this anyway. In addition, it will allow you to rise from level V even more.

Scan all tarot card murals


things to do after beating Cyberpunk 2077

The secondary work ‘Fool on the Hill’ can be done during act 2, during which it will also notice that a new icon of Tarot letter to its map has been added. Visit one and scan it, and then you will have the task of going to Viktor and Misty to find out what the deal with them is.

It turns out that these tarot cards can have a deeper meaning, given by a superior power. As such, Misty assigns you the task of finding the 20 tarot card murals painted in Night City.

Finding them is not so difficult since their locations are marked on their map, although a couple of them are blocked behind the different Cyberpunk 2077 finals.

Once you have them all, Misty gives you cattle traps for the V apartment, but you will also unlock the trophy and achievement ‘The Wandering Fool’.

Complete the secondary mission epitaxy of Remain.

In fact, you will unlock the secondary mission ‘Epistropia’ quite soon in Cyberpunk 2077, but if you have focused on the main story, you may have left it in the background. If you have not yet completed it, make this a priority, since it is one of the most interesting and stimulating missions of the game.

Episcopal sees it having to gather dishonest taxis for Remain, but the elements of the story make it more exciting than a typical search. Each taxi has its own reasons to become rebellious and wandering through the streets of Night City, and depends on V talk to each of them to return to the garage of the headquarters of Remain.

It is really not so difficult, especially if you return to complete it in an advanced stage of the game, but it certainly makes you think of how technology and AI would be fixed in a very human and emotional world.

We will not say much more to save him from the spoilers, but know that it is worth his time.

Become the best Night City fighter

things to do after beating Cyberpunk 2077

Another early secondary mission that you can get on Cyberpunk 2077 is Beat on the Brat. Assigns you the task of tracking several street fighters in Night City and beat them, before going to the field and claiming the crown for you.

These can be particularly complicated during the first hours of the game when V is not very level, so it is probable that you still need to eliminate them for when the credits arrive. Go ahead, give these fighters a good punch in the mouth and let them know that there is a new champion in the city.

Complete all races

After reaching the middle of the main story, you will unlock ‘the beast in me’. This is a secondary work in which V participates in several street races in Night City.

There are five races in total that you must complete and, depending on where you have invested your money in your adventure, you may not yet complete them while saving to buy a better car.

Complete ‘The beast in me’ not only gives you a good change of rhythm with respect to the usual missions of running and shooting in Cyberpunk 2077, but you will also get one of the two great walks depending on how you finish the mission.

Read a game saved in the last stage to play through different endings

As you approach at the end of Cyberpunk 2077, you will want to save it and not overwrite it. That is because there are actually multiple finals in Cyberpunk 2077, and your choices in your adventure determine which ones you get.

Specifically, you want to save during or before the main night mission OP55N1. This is where you will make a great decision (we will not say more because there are spoilers) and you will finally determine which of the four epigraphs you can get.

Keep here, and then you can quickly return here and play the final missions of the game to see all the finals that you can possibly get. It is the life of a completest, living in Night City.

Clean secondary jobs

things to do after beating Cyberpunk 2077

So he has done all the hustlers of the NCPD scanner and Cyberpsycho’s sightings, that does not mean that he has finished the secondary content yet.

The Fixer in each Night City district will continue to contact you until you have liquidated all its Gigs. Even after doing this, you can still find random events and occurrences marked on your map.

It is worth taking a look, since they can be something as simple as an anti-ciberware preacher, to small more interesting expeditions for V to begin.

Buy all cars!

Once you have erased the prologue, you will begin to receive a lot of messages from Fixers of Night City. These messages inform him about a car that they have for sale and where he can buy it. Each one adds to his newspaper, so he does not have to make a decision immediately to buy them.

However, once you have advanced a little more in history, it will begin to earn more and more swirls (money), which will make these vehicles even more attainable.

You will also need to have all the cars in Night City to get the trophy and achievement ‘Autojock’, but there is definitely some pride in having an extensive collection of vehicles to choose as best seems to you.

Respect and maximize the construction of your character

things to do after beating Cyberpunk 2077

By the time you finish the story and begin to erase the secondary content, you will begin to have more than enough advantage skills and points to maximize your V as much as it is humanly possible in the game.

If you have had a clear vision of how you want the construction of your character from the beginning, you can simply pour the last points into your favorite attributes and advantages.

For those who were a little insecure, now is the time to respect. To do so, you must buy the ERAS tabular of a Ripper doc per 100,000 Eurodollars.

Why respect now? Well, we already know that Cyberpunk 2077 will receive additional LCS and possible expansions, so what better way to prepare for all this than perfecting the construction of your character?

Second and third tour for other life paths and game styles

If you feel that you have exhausted absolutely everything you can do in your current saved file, it could be time to embark on the adventure with V again.

This time, however, tries a different character construction, make different decisions and, more importantly, choose a different life.

While the Lifeboats do not make a difference, you will obtain some different dialogue options and a unique introduction for each 1. If you did not make that save file of the late game, this gives you another more organic opportunity to play and experience each of the Cyberpunk 2077 finals.

Go for Platinum/ 1000 Gamer score

things to do after beating Cyberpunk 2077

Much of what we have included in our list of things to do after beating Cyberpunk 2077 will help you get closer to that Platinum or 1000 Gamer score trophy, but it is likely that you still have some other parts to polish.

From see Bushido X with Rogue, to collect all the articles of Johnny Silver hand and even shoot a grenade in the air with a revolver, there are many trophies and random achievements in Cyberpunk 2077 that you cannot naturally unlock as part of an ordinary game.

You must also complete until the latest secondary content, which is where your game time will probably begin to shoot for 100 hours.

To get more tips, tricks and guides on Cyberpunk 2077, go to our Wiki guide or consult our coverage below.
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Leverkusen: Alonsos appreciation for immigrants Hlozek

The employees’ situation at Bayer 04 Leverkusen loosens up prior to the Herself’s video game on Saturday in Leipzig. For this, ABI Alonso expects using a quartet, which he just recently might not or did not intend to send out right into the video game for health factors. Central striker Patrick Schick was remaining on the substitute bench for the entire period after just underlying Adductor troubles on Wednesday at 2-2 at Atlético Madrid.

Schick completely against Leipzig once again

He is offensive, yet likewise has the discipline and also tactical understanding protecting.

ABI Alonso by means of Adam Home

ABI Alonso: He’s much better. The midfield trio Tranquil, Derby and Palacios have to initially come to terms with the role as an alternative, because Nadeem Amir encouraged in Madrid and also was applauded by ABI Alonso for his Spirit. For Leipzig, the 26-year-old should have the location following to Robert And rich on the double 6.


On the various other hand, Schick has better starting opportunities when he returned to the old office. If his representative Adam Home convinced his instructor versus Atlético in an uncommon duty, also. The aggressor, who prepared the Leverkusen 1-0, however did not serve as a center onward, but not as a center forward, but to the right of And rich as well as, together with Amir, formed a midfield before the chain of 5. We understand how Adam can play. He is offending, however additionally has the self-control and also tactical understanding defending, commends ABI Alonso. The procedure was birthed out of necessity: We really did not have many physically robust midfielder in Madrid, explains the train.

no assurance for home

The Atlético game could have been the tender indicator of a start. He worked really well as aided us a lot, says ABI Alonso, we will certainly see, yet I recommend Adam-offensive and defensive.

For this, ABI Alonso wishes for the use of a quartet, which he just recently could not or did not want to send out into the game for health factors. The midfield triad Tranquil, Derby and Palacios have to first come to terms with the role as a substitute, since Nadeem Amir encouraged in Madrid and was applauded by ABI Alonso for his Spirit. He is offending, yet additionally has the self-control as well as tactical understanding defending, commends ABI Alonso. Even if Home efficiently stranger in Madrid, ABI Alonso did not desire to assure him renewed election for the beginning eleven.

Also, if Home successfully unfamiliar person in Madrid, ABI Alonso did not wish to promise him renewed election for the starting eleven. Of training course, three specialists for midfield are most likely readily available again in Leipzig with Tranquil, Palacios and also Derby. Madrid suggests an action ahead for the 20-year-old, which came from Slavic Prague in summer. The Czech demonstrator fought with adjustment troubles for a very long time as well as has not played a crucial duty up until now.

Basketball: Brose Bamberg came to the low point

You can see that it does not run with us. You can not conceal that. It doesn’t function. We now need to make changes to obtain the situation in control, claimed train Open Ariel, who also after the desalting beginning of the period for his very own Need to combat.

The 66:76 against the Violin Towers Hamburg suggested not just the 5th defeat in the fifth league ready the team around national gamer Christian Engender, yet additionally the accident to 18th and also last table.

Simply a couple of days after the European Cup beam, Broke Bamberg also came to the nadir in the basketball Bundesliga.

During the week, the previous collection champ from Franconia in the FIFA Europe Cup versus a club from Kosovo had lost. Ariel had actually publicly asked for forgiveness and also talked of an awkward appearance.


When things go well, it is always easy to radiate. But you have to go ahead if it doesn’t work. We all have to question ourselves, claimed Ariel. Bamberg has actually not become part of the BBL idea listed by Alba Berlin and FC Bayern Munich for a few years, however the transfer fight would certainly be a totally brand-new experience for Freak City.

Japan charts: On Switch, Personality 5 Royal has stunning remains

Begun on September 15, 2016, in Japan on PS3 and PS4, the story of Joker and also ghost thieves has an act of more than 6 years later with the multiplatform deployment of Character 5 Royal. As if to reject Automata, age does not prevent such a valued title from making an extremely right number on the event of its release on Switch over, namely not much from 46,000 sales. As a pointer, Persona 5 and Identity 5 Royal had initially made 345,000 and also 200,000 sales for the week of their release in Japan specifically.

On the side of consoles sales, the reality of the week goes to the 2 million PS5, a crossing point that Japan only crosses a few days after the United Kingdom. At the same phase, there were already 7 million PS2 in Japan, 4 million PSP, 2.4 million PS3, 2.4 million PS4 and 2.1 million PS Vita.


Game name Console Sales of the week Complete sales
Platoon 3 Switch over 66 036 3,184,154.
Persona 5 Royal Change 45 998 45 998.
Ultra Kiev Monster Breeder Switch 24 069 24 069.
Grandma Tourism 7 PS5 10 313 169 438.
Dragon Quest X Offline Switch Over 6 157 206 084.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch over 5 553 4,878,570.
Minecraft Switch over 5 431 2,827,274.
Near Automata: Completion of Korea Edition Switch Over 5 107 44 997.
Character 5 Royal PS5 5,051 5,051.
Dragon Quest X: Done In One Bundle Very.1-6 Switch 5 015 5,015.

Begun on September 15, 2016, in Japan on PS3 as well as PS4, the story of Joker and also ghost burglars has an act of more than 6 years later on with the multiplatform deployment of Personality 5 Royal. As if to reject Automata, age does not avoid such an appreciated title from making a really correct number on the occasion of its release on Switch, namely not much from 46,000 sales. Certainly much less beneficial, PS5 portage attains simply over 5,000 sales only. As a tip, Persona 5 and also Identity 5 Royal had originally made 345,000 and also 200,000 sales for the week of their launch in Japan specifically. On the side of gaming consoles sales, the truth of the week goes to the 2 million PS5, a going across factor that Japan only goes across a couple of days after the United Kingdom.

Here are the very bestsellers of video games and consoles in Japan for the week from October 17 to 23, established and communicated as constantly by the magazineFujitsu _.

Hardware category.

NBA 2K software ranking

Consoles Sales of the week Sales of the year Complete sales.
Nintendo Switch 54 637 3 604 043 26 523 544.
PlayStation 5 28,661 804 448 2,027,783.
Xbox Series 4 158 243 339 371 997.
Nintendo 3DS 57 9 736 24 597 184.
PlayStation 4 13 711 9 395 655.

That transfers Augsburg against Bavaria live to TV and also stream?

Ever since, nonetheless, the champion had actually supported the roadway to success and, with a goal difference of 18: 4 in five games, drove right into a draw. Currently, the eleven of instructor Julian Nagelsmann provides itself the possibility of a vengeance versus the FCA. According to an unbeaten collection (3/1/0), this needed to take a loss again with the wild 2: 3 in Cologne.

When FC Augsburg receives FC Bayern Munich, there will certainly be a get-together on Wednesday evening (8:45 p.m.). Due to the fact that in mid-September the two opponents faced each other on the 7th match day of the Bundesliga. And the game finished with Bayern’s only season defeat up until now: Augsburg’s Merged Bertha scored the 1-0 winning objective for the Bavarian Swabians in the 59th min.


As a summary, the suit, like all various other second-round pairings, can be seen in the ARD Sportsman program.

The video game is one of simply 2 video games that will be seen in Germany on freely reconcilable television. In addition, the Pay TV broadcaster Skies will certainly additionally broadcast the video game online and stream on its system.

Hugo dies in plague tale requiem? Responded (spoilers)

By plague Tale Requiem has no grades to be a dark and terrible follow-up of its predecessor, among which is the destination that causes its protagonists. Supposedly important characters die right and left in various ways, while Asia and Hugo are regularly involved in situations that quickly endanger their lives. However, since they are the main characters, it is possible that you have hopes while looking for answers to an important question: Hugo dies in plague tale requiem ?

Well, we like it or not, we have an answer for you. However, in case it was not obvious, you must be warned: there are * spoilers of the main story ahead * for the entire story and the end of the game.

Does Hugo really die in plague tale requiem? Answered

The unfortunate response is yes, Hugo dies at the end of plague tale requiem. . However, it is not so surprising if you pay attention to the rest of the story.

At first, Alicia learns that Hugo will die as a result of reaching the final threshold of the infection of the blood of the macular. This is what he drives her to follow Hugo’s dream instead of taking him directly to Marseille for containment, since her dream seemed to indicate that there was a cure for her disease. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a hoax on the part of Macular, since she simply wanted to bring him closer to an important source of rats that were under her control so that she was more difficult to resist that she would take it.

This left her and Hugo facing a rather raw reality: there was no cure for Hugo’s disease, and the only destiny of her was dying of her illness, dying of something else or ending completely controlled by the macular. He did not help that any very stressful moment that she found only exacerbated the growing influence of the macular on her mind, and that Alicia could only do much to protect him from the worst aspects of the world and the people around him.

Unfortunately, his destiny almost ends up being the one in which the macular controls it. After Alicia almost dies at the hands of the main human villain of the game, Hugo finally loses all the control and activates the nebula; Basically, the macular uses it as a nucleus to control all the rats of the world and consume them until nothing is left. If it weren’t for his death, he would have been caught under his control forever, perpetually feeding the end of the world.

Does Alicia really kill Hugo?

  • Fortunately, Alicia does not let that happen. ** Although she has to suffer the terrible experience that is the end of plague tale requiem.

After Hugo completely loses control, she faces him and tries to prevent the macular from controlling it. She can then contact the remains of Hugo, who agrees to guide her to save him whenever she accepts the truth behind what he shows.

However, she enters the more she, she realizes that he cannot be saved regardless of what she does. After accepting this, Hugo uses the last ounces of her free will to open a path to her body. Alicia then kills him throwing a stone in his head, killing him and ending his suffering.

It is a sad end to Hugo’s story, but also the best she could have found based on what the story presented as her options. In the same way, he finally frees America from the immense stress and the trauma from which she had been sick due to the unimaginable pressures she faced when trying to save him.

Hopefully this is clarified if Hugo dies or not in plague tale requiem . To get more information about the game, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other guides for the game that you can read, including some about whether the game will receive a sequel, how to find each memory and how to forgive the soldier at the docks.


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New multiplayer game on Steam is reminiscent of the survival

An interesting survival video game on Vapor includes Renown, which looks like Nearest in the center Ages. The focus gets on the expansion of your castle and grasping the melee auto mechanics on foot as well as steeds. Mango presents you to the title briefly.


The focus gets on the complex melee system and also a certain entry-level friendliness. The adage applies to the fight: simple to discover, hard to master. In the building and construction system, no rocks will certainly be put in your means to promptly construct a secure fortress.

Exactly how should Renown play? The survival game concentrates on the interactions in between players-the focus is plainly on PVP. NPCs may enter into play as a worker for your ranch, but should not have a big influence on the battles.

As with the survival struck Rust, you begin without properties. You craft tools, build a ranch, gather success as well as have to secure your valuables from jealous next-door neighbors. Or you take place a robbery scenic tour and also clear the storehouses of the neighbors.

Renown is a brand-new survival video game on Vapor. A release day has actually not yet been figured out, presently only 2022-2023 on the Vapor web page (by means of steam.com).

The auto mechanics are made to make sure that you can quickly and also easily accumulate your base. A city ends up being a yard, a citadel from the city as well as at the end there is a thick castle.

The programmers see core functions:

A fascinating survival game on Steam comes with Renown, which looks like Nearest in the Center Ages. The focus is on the development of your castle as well as understanding the melee auto mechanics on foot as well as equines. Exactly how should Renown play? ** The survival video game concentrates on the interactions between players-the focus is clearly on PVP. As with the survival struck Rust, you start without belongings.

Renown follows a recipe for success as well as places it right into a new setup. What is your initial impression of the video game?

If you are always trying to find strong survival titles, you will certainly find a couple of pearls of the genre in our large listing: the 25 ideal survival video games 2022 for PlayStation, Computer as well as Xbox.

  • Middle Ages Survival with a high pace and also a concentrate on close battle
  • Develop a small ranch or a massive fortress-players have the choice
  • Concentrate on equines, carts as well as cavalry war
  • Adjustable armored system that prevent ranged strikes
  • Social systems to insist land cases, produce titles, to honor ranks and also even more
  • Web server progress and wipe systems (just like Rust).
  • Devices for community hosts to adapt your web server.
  • For much more info about the video game, the contribution web page sees Indiegogo.com.

PS5: Sony reveals a God of War Ragnarök pack, a video to celebrate the bright side

While resellers are promptly burglarized as quickly as they have a couple of PS5 in supply, Sony Interactive Entertainment introduces via Twitter a pack bringing with each other his console along with the very prepared for God of War Ragnarök. The Japanese supplier has actually not specified any type of rate, and we just recognize that the bundle will certainly get to the exact same time as the video game, following November 9. Background to commemorate this excellent news, we are qualified to a video which makes it clear that the new Nordic adventures of Rates as well as his boy Atreus will certainly manipulate the capacities of the PS5 (4K, 3D audio for example), without neglecting the functions of the Danseuse, whose haptic return which will certainly enable the influence of strikes to be felt.

For enthusiasts, we remember that different editions were announced last summer, consisting of the Jonas supplied at a price of EUR 269.99 on the PlayStation website. Amongst other points, it will certainly have a 40 cm Mjöllnir replica. Finally, if Sony Interactive Home Entertainment as well as Santa Monica Workshop do not seem to market a PS5 in the shades of God of War Ragnarök-Qui, let’s not fail to remember, is additionally anticipated on PS4-We can still console themselves with a Dual sense collector whose collector The leave is likewise fixed for November 9.

Persona 3 Portable Persona 4 The Golden Remaster Windows/Xbox version will be delivered on January 19. Battle in shadow time and bright youth will be beautiful and reappeared

Atlas on October 8, the remastered version of Persona 3 Portable (hereinafter P3P) and Persona 4 The Golden (P4G) will be January 19, 2023. It was announced that it will be released. According to the announcement, on January 19, 2023, it will be distributed to Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/PC (Windows) and Xbox Games Pass. Of the other compatible platforms, the release date of PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam) version has not been revealed. The P4G Steam version is already being distributed from June 2020.

The Persona series is the RPG series that Atlas, which is currently under Sega, has been working on it. After Persona 3, characters who woke up to Persona that embody another self appeared. On a different stage for each work, boys and girls have been developing a story that uses persona abilities to confront monsters called shadows, large incidents, and secrets hidden in the world. In terms of system, there are battles that have a great merit when hitting the enemy’s weakness attributes, and the synthesis/enhancement system of persona.

The original P3P is a PSP software that contains additional elements based on the PS2 Job Nile RPG Persona 3 released by Atlas in 2006. The stage of this work is a world where hidden time is called a shadow time between the day and one day. The shadow time could not be perceived by ordinary humans, and the battle between the monster shadows and the personages that appeared in the shadow time was unfamiliar.

The protagonist of this work is a second-year-high school student who has moved to a private Gekkokan Taken. The protagonist, who gets lost in the shadow time and awakens Persona, will join the extraordinary activity department for the purpose of subjugating shadows and searching for Tartarus. She lives a school life and fights the shadow that exists in the shadow time. In P3P, a female hero is added in addition to the conventional male hero. In the battle, the elements of Persona 4 are partially incorporated, such as being able to give instructions to friends, making it easier to play.


The original P4G is a PS Vita software that contains additional elements such as new characters, based on the PS2 Job Nile RPG Persona 4 released by Atlas in 2008. The protagonist of this work is a second-year-high school student who came to the rural town for her parents’ work. The protagonist was supposed to live in a rural high school for one year, with his relatives, Dogma family.

However, in Inane City, a strange serial murder incident occurred from the time the hero came. There were rumors from Sayonara TV that it could only be seen at midnight on a rainy day. The protagonist and his friends who woke up to persona abilities and knew the existence of a different world formed a self-proclaimed special investigative squad to solve the incident. While spending a bright youth as a high school boy, he approaches the truth of the incident. In P4G, in addition to the contents of the original Persona 4, an unfriendly girl Marie appears as a new character. In addition to the balance adjustment, events to go to nearby OKing City and content after January have been added.

The Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/PC (Windows) version of P3P and P4G remasters will be released on January 19, 2023. The Xbox Games Pass will be distributed on the same day. Both remastered versions will also be distributed to PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam). The P4G Steam version has already been distributed since June 2020.

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