EA Sports h opened the ban. Because for football fans there is only one thing better than the changes of regulations that occur from one seon to another, and those are the changes in FIFA from one month to another . The company h announced the First FIFA Update 23 and comes with important novelties regarding referees, penalties and dribbles . The first game patch is now available and includes the following four adjustments:

  • Reduce the precision of penalties when the circle is yellow or red.
  • Increes the dribbling speed of players with dribbling skills below 90.
  • The Arbitron will whistle fewer fouls caused by touching the ball with their hand.
  • The orbits will take more yellow cards after faults committed by entries to the ground.

The objective of the changes is to make the most difficult maximum penalties, punish or lift the hand with what actions and allow greater proliferation of dribbling and filigree. It is expected that this patch will be added at the end of the month A second update that modifies the controversial elongated style (Lengthy) of Sprint that so much advantage gives due to FIFA 23 goal.

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