Atlas on October 8, the remastered version of Persona 3 Portable (hereinafter P3P) and Persona 4 The Golden (P4G) will be January 19, 2023. It was announced that it will be released. According to the announcement, on January 19, 2023, it will be distributed to Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/PC (Windows) and Xbox Games Pass. Of the other compatible platforms, the release date of PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam) version has not been revealed. The P4G Steam version is already being distributed from June 2020.

The Persona series is the RPG series that Atlas, which is currently under Sega, has been working on it. After Persona 3, characters who woke up to Persona that embody another self appeared. On a different stage for each work, boys and girls have been developing a story that uses persona abilities to confront monsters called shadows, large incidents, and secrets hidden in the world. In terms of system, there are battles that have a great merit when hitting the enemy’s weakness attributes, and the synthesis/enhancement system of persona.

The original P3P is a PSP software that contains additional elements based on the PS2 Job Nile RPG Persona 3 released by Atlas in 2006. The stage of this work is a world where hidden time is called a shadow time between the day and one day. The shadow time could not be perceived by ordinary humans, and the battle between the monster shadows and the personages that appeared in the shadow time was unfamiliar.

The protagonist of this work is a second-year-high school student who has moved to a private Gekkokan Taken. The protagonist, who gets lost in the shadow time and awakens Persona, will join the extraordinary activity department for the purpose of subjugating shadows and searching for Tartarus. She lives a school life and fights the shadow that exists in the shadow time. In P3P, a female hero is added in addition to the conventional male hero. In the battle, the elements of Persona 4 are partially incorporated, such as being able to give instructions to friends, making it easier to play.


The original P4G is a PS Vita software that contains additional elements such as new characters, based on the PS2 Job Nile RPG Persona 4 released by Atlas in 2008. The protagonist of this work is a second-year-high school student who came to the rural town for her parents’ work. The protagonist was supposed to live in a rural high school for one year, with his relatives, Dogma family.

However, in Inane City, a strange serial murder incident occurred from the time the hero came. There were rumors from Sayonara TV that it could only be seen at midnight on a rainy day. The protagonist and his friends who woke up to persona abilities and knew the existence of a different world formed a self-proclaimed special investigative squad to solve the incident. While spending a bright youth as a high school boy, he approaches the truth of the incident. In P4G, in addition to the contents of the original Persona 4, an unfriendly girl Marie appears as a new character. In addition to the balance adjustment, events to go to nearby OKing City and content after January have been added.

The Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/PC (Windows) version of P3P and P4G remasters will be released on January 19, 2023. The Xbox Games Pass will be distributed on the same day. Both remastered versions will also be distributed to PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam). The P4G Steam version has already been distributed since June 2020.