By plague Tale Requiem has no grades to be a dark and terrible follow-up of its predecessor, among which is the destination that causes its protagonists. Supposedly important characters die right and left in various ways, while Asia and Hugo are regularly involved in situations that quickly endanger their lives. However, since they are the main characters, it is possible that you have hopes while looking for answers to an important question: Hugo dies in plague tale requiem ?

Well, we like it or not, we have an answer for you. However, in case it was not obvious, you must be warned: there are * spoilers of the main story ahead * for the entire story and the end of the game.

Does Hugo really die in plague tale requiem? Answered

The unfortunate response is yes, Hugo dies at the end of plague tale requiem. . However, it is not so surprising if you pay attention to the rest of the story.

At first, Alicia learns that Hugo will die as a result of reaching the final threshold of the infection of the blood of the macular. This is what he drives her to follow Hugo’s dream instead of taking him directly to Marseille for containment, since her dream seemed to indicate that there was a cure for her disease. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a hoax on the part of Macular, since she simply wanted to bring him closer to an important source of rats that were under her control so that she was more difficult to resist that she would take it.

This left her and Hugo facing a rather raw reality: there was no cure for Hugo’s disease, and the only destiny of her was dying of her illness, dying of something else or ending completely controlled by the macular. He did not help that any very stressful moment that she found only exacerbated the growing influence of the macular on her mind, and that Alicia could only do much to protect him from the worst aspects of the world and the people around him.

Unfortunately, his destiny almost ends up being the one in which the macular controls it. After Alicia almost dies at the hands of the main human villain of the game, Hugo finally loses all the control and activates the nebula; Basically, the macular uses it as a nucleus to control all the rats of the world and consume them until nothing is left. If it weren’t for his death, he would have been caught under his control forever, perpetually feeding the end of the world.

Does Alicia really kill Hugo?

  • Fortunately, Alicia does not let that happen. ** Although she has to suffer the terrible experience that is the end of plague tale requiem.

After Hugo completely loses control, she faces him and tries to prevent the macular from controlling it. She can then contact the remains of Hugo, who agrees to guide her to save him whenever she accepts the truth behind what he shows.

However, she enters the more she, she realizes that he cannot be saved regardless of what she does. After accepting this, Hugo uses the last ounces of her free will to open a path to her body. Alicia then kills him throwing a stone in his head, killing him and ending his suffering.

It is a sad end to Hugo’s story, but also the best she could have found based on what the story presented as her options. In the same way, he finally frees America from the immense stress and the trauma from which she had been sick due to the unimaginable pressures she faced when trying to save him.

Hopefully this is clarified if Hugo dies or not in plague tale requiem . To get more information about the game, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other guides for the game that you can read, including some about whether the game will receive a sequel, how to find each memory and how to forgive the soldier at the docks.


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