White Lotus season 2 has officially started in HBO, which means that there is another mystery of murder for unraveling along with the comment of the creator Mike White about social and gender policy. The premiere episode has left some clues about the development arches of some of its main actors, but these can easily be overlooked if you are not paying attention. Here is What does the term since mean in The White Lotus season 2 .

Meaning of Intel in White Lotus season 2

A quick search on Google of the word Intel will tell you that it is an acronym for the term involuntary celibate. It is a term that is generally used to describe men who cannot attract women sexually and, often express anger or hostility towards women due to this quality.

It is also described that since house resentment towards women due to their inability to attract them, which has led to the formation of an since subculture where men gather to share their hatred for women. Often, these hate groups are isolated only in online forums where extremist views spread, but there have been incidents in which these groups have acted violently (such as the attack of a truck in 2018 in Toronto).

In the context of El Lot Blanco, there is a dinner scene in the first episode in which Cameron refers to Ethan as the original since, since he spent a lot of time in his room working and never went out with women. During their university days. Cameron quickly withdraws the statement and congratulates Ethan for being a handsome boy, but as we have seen in the first season, many subtle clues have been hidden in what may initially seem like a comment or a joke.

It is very possible that the descriptor Intel is a clue to the darkest side of Ethan, and that he is not Harper’s good husband, of a soft voice, as the program presents. Initially we had speculated that Cameron or Ethan would end up deceiving their wives and, as a result, they would be killed, but it is possible that Ethan ends up being the murderer instead.

That is all you need to know about the meaning of Intel in The White Lotus season 2 . Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more news and information about the program, including a summary of all the cameos of Survivor players so far, our theories about who dies in season 2 and the role of Sydney Sweeney in season 2.

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