Blizzard Entertainment (BLIZZARD) temporarily restricted the usage of playable characters in the basic play free FPS overwatch 2 on November 1. This measure is caused by a problem related to May’s abilities.

Overwatch 2 is an online match FPS game handled by Blizzard. It was released on October 5 as a basic play free title as a sequel to Overwatch, which gained popularity.


And today BLIZZARD announces the use of May, a playable character, in this work. At the time of writing this article, May is no longer available in all game modes. BLIZZARD explains that the Ice Wall, May’s ability, to deal with the bugs that can be moved to an unintended place.

Although the details of the bugs have not been disclosed, May’s Ice Wall has been reported to affect gameplay since the other day. When the Ice Wall is used indoors in some buildings, Kirk warps on Me on the top using abilities, and Kirk can reach the back of the ceiling. In this state, Kirk seems to have been able to attack the enemy from the back of the ceiling.

In addition, BLIZZARD commented that this problem will be dealt with as soon as possible. He is aiming to revive May in the next patch scheduled to be distributed on November 15. According to the usual, it will be distributed on November 16 in Japan time.

This is the second time that the use of heroes due to malfunctions in Overwatch 2 is the second time following the Bastion and Thornton. Bastion and Thornton were revived in the update on October 26, but this time Ma was closed. As BLIZZARD is scheduled, I hope that May will be revived in the next patch.