The second date of the Golden Cup preseason tournament had more epic battles where the squads sought to show their best capabilities with the new compositions that show the opening tournament where they will have to look to the promo/relegation phase of 2023.

Now having a duel between Braves Rising against Kali in a first map where the brave team would welcome the new members of the League, taking an aphelion in the hands of Day The situation turned to Please, who dominated the meeting forcefully and stayed with the first victory of the night demonstrating their great level.

For the second scenario we saw a Kali response that owes them a little more confidence in the game, but it would not be enough because the braves chose to use a Mackie in the jungle with which Kathy did a great job in The game to be able to give the advantage to his squad making it clear that his strength is uncontrolled to take the second victory.

During the third map things were complicated the new boys but the day before we had seen an epic comeback, now in a match that seemed more even during the middle game we have a Kali responding, however, the pair of the lower lane of The Braves made a big difference in each of the battles to take the third point that gives them the progress in the tournament.

A team of Braves Rising that manages to demonstrate all its quality of play during this date to be able to show its River that this time they want to take the crown, on the other hand Kali comes from achieving ascent but will have to adapt quickly, but He wants large sharks to end their participation quickly in the Colombian League, it will now be to see what teams will have the chance to move forward.