Hugh Jackman , the famous actor who is again on the first page of the superhero today for his return Wolverine in the nextDeadpool 3 , h shared his favorite superheroes movies . This is collected by the Variety medium after interviewing the Wolverine interpreter in the stage of the Fox and Marvel mutants; And the actor h not dodged the question at all, recognizing that his favorite films of the superhero genre belong to the competition, citing two characters famous Superman and Batman .

The favorite superhero movies of Wolverine

So much so, that the question about which superhero movie is his favorite, Jackman h mentioned two, one of when he w small and a more recent one; And the most surprising thing is that both are from DC , nothing from Marvel, the house for which he h worked for so many years:

My favorite superhero movie… when growing, the first Superman . That w revolutionary. Richard Donner’s movie and Christopher Reeve. And now I’m going to say… I’m thinking of one of Christopher Nolan’s Batman… Dark Knight. I will choose The Dark Knight , acknowledges the actor, citing his filmmaker’s colleague, author of one of the most celebrated DC films and is among Jackman’s favorites.

Recall that Hugh Jackman worked with Christopher Nolan in the final trick (prestige) of 2006, a film that rolled between Batman Begins and the dark gentleman and one of the most round works of the filmmaker. However, and after leaving the character of Wolverine after the fanttic Logan, Jackman will hold Adamantine’s claws again in the next Deadpool 3 with his friend Ryan Reynolds , a film that promises action and black humor in abundance and that will not be cut at the level of violence, even if already part of the UCM.


Deadpool 3 plans its premiere in cinem on November 8, 2024 .