Hive, which has entered the game sector by introducing BTS’s owner, Under Island with BTS, will expand the game business further. He will expand his own production game as well as the publishing business, and will launch titles developed by famous domestic game companies next year.

Hive Park Jae-won, CEO of the company, announced on the 3rd quarter performance conference call on the 3rd quarter of the company on the 3rd. Park Jae-won, CEO, said, We have improved not only fandom but also in the game industry through the game ‘Indian Island with BTS’, which was launched this year. It is more encouraging that it was achieved in a year as a personnel.


He said, We will not stop here, but we will secure IPs with influence in the game industry through our own publishing business. In particular, in relation to the publishing business, it will be developed by a famous domestic game company and will provide anticipated works next year.

Park Jae-won expects that the game business will be a member of the new field, such as the strengthening of entertainment business capabilities, which can be said to be the main focus with its own revenue generation, and meths. Park said, In addition to generating profits through the (game) publishing business, we will be able to gain the manpower and experience needed to develop the entertainment business using technology in the future. It is an industry applied to the industry, such as the meths that will unfold in the future, and it is expected to be a key axis in the virtual world. In order to prepare for this future, I think it is inevitable to advance to the game business.

In fact, hive has launched its own mobile puzzle game ‘Under Island with BTS’ and rhythm game ‘Rhythm Hive’ based on BTS IP this year. It was selected as a general game in the second half of the year and is also a candidate for the 2022 game. In addition, in September, the company signed a publishing contract for two new mobile games developed by domestic developer Lakeville. Hive Park Jae-won also served as a representative of Nixon Korea.