Nintendo is one of the leading brands within the Gamer market, with excellent consoles such as the Super Nintendo or the N46. In addition to this, the incredible gameplay of your products can be exploited with the best Nintendo Video Games available.

Within this practically infinite world, we are interested in talking here about the excellent Nintendo Switch and its immersive RPG games. But how to know what are the best titles we can enjoy?

Next, we offer the five best RPG to not doubt it, find out How much does the Nintendo Switch cost and buy it as soon as possible.

The 5 best Nintendo Switch RPG

1. Undertake

We decided to start talking about Nintendo Video Games with the wonderful Undertake, a 2D adventure in which we control a human who falls into a world of monsters. From there, we must find a way to leave or be trapped forever.

In this wonderful game of Nintendo , of course we can make its way as a warrior, but this is not the only resource. We can also persuade other characters, make favors and even dance to continue advancing.

two. Sociopath Traveler

In this case, we talk about one of the best Nintendo video games available, an unparalleled epic adventure. In Sociopath Traveler we can choose from eight different characters, each with its own narrative line and special skills.

The ways of traveling the fantastic world proposed by the game are almost infinite, putting us in the skin of a warrior or a dancer, for example. It is a title that is worth paying the price of the Nintendo Switch .

3. Star dew Valley

In this case, we talk about a different alternative to play in our Nintendo Switch , since Star dew Valley is an indie ganja simulation game. The idea is simple: make our lands prosper.

The plot tells us that we inherit our grandfather’s farm, and we must be one with the earth to get the best possible production. To do so, we have the possibility of creating our own avatar.

4. Cat Quest II


This is an ideal game to enjoy in a Nintendo Switch Lite , based on the historic rivalry between cats and dogs but imagined in fantasy kingdoms. On the one hand, we have Leningrad’s cats and on the other to the canines of the Lupus empire.

It is an open world RPG where we can choose which side and perform different magical missions facing monsters. Or, we can simply go against our archenemies.


We ended with a Nintendo video game of great recognition since it appeared in 2019, the album Elysium: The Final Cut. In this title, we are in the skin of a detective affected by a great swap night that does not allow him to remember anything.

That is the starting point from which we will begin to investigate a murder, by the media we can develop. It is a video game without limits, where we can expand as much as we want.

After this title review, we are able to find the best RPG for our Nintendo Switch console.