First days of chaos on Twitter after changes in the social network verification system. Yesterday, November 9, only for a few hours, some verified accounts presented an additional tick with the word official under the name of certain media, government organizations, companies, etc. Shortly after disappearing and Twitter Blue subscribers were able to buy the ticket next to their name . The result? Official accounts such the Nintendo of america or valve were supplanted.

A message to Elon Musk

Valve’s fake account announced an alleged new company video game, Ricochet: Neon Prime. The person who supplanted it took the opportunity to denounce the dangers of the new verification system , since many will confuse accounts by mistake, for food of fake news:

Twitter Blue is a problem. Disinformation is ey to extend and the damage it can cause can have real effects on people, much more than the impact that the announcement of a false game. You are now the owner of a huge platform and this is what you have decided to do with it, do it better @elonmusk.

The false Nintendo of America account h not followed the steps of Valve’s and h been dedicated to tweeting photos such Super Mario making a manga cut , can be seen in the capture on these lines.


It should be noted that by clicking on the blue tick of an account it is possible to check whether the verification is bought or not. Anyway, in countries like Spain is not available , so the verifications acquired through Twitter Blue do not even appear next to the name. How will this be solved? We will have to wait for the following occurrence of Elon Musk, a tycoon known for his eccentricities and flying.

Elon Musk’s new Twitter announced a template reduction almost 50%.