Honesty Games and Fulcrum Publishing have officially released the medieval simulation Lords and Villeins .

This work is an urban construction simulation inspired by Rim world, THE SETTLERS and The Guild. Set in the Middle Ages, we build houses and farms, impose tasks and taxes to operate villages, and aim to develop into large cities. Manage it in a family-by-family basis instead of one villager, and give the status of farmers, aristocrats, merchants, and contribute to the development of territory. In order to grow under the governor’s rule, we will spend a lot of human relationships depending on the action, and spin its own story of its village.

In the official version, there are a number of additional elements such as the function of collecting taxes at risk, the opposition gathering system that can cause the possibility of coups and farmers uprising, new underground resources and mining tunnel. There are also updates such as adjustment of UI and correction of defects.

LORDS AND VILLEINS is being distributed at Steam/Epic Games Store/GOG.com for Windows PC.