The first scarlet and purple Pokémon weekend h been intense on social networks. The new exclusive game for Nintendo Switch h been a source of memes and criticism due to its graphic finish and its mistakes, which also affect performance. One of the glitches that have been discovered is curious because it provides the opportunity to run twice much speed if you have two controls.

Published by Hamsterhead64 on Reddit, this user says that if you connect a second command you can take advantage of the BUG when positioning the diagonal sticks, to the left. How could it be otherwise, the thread h been filled with jocular comments, although there are also players outraged with the situation of the video game.


Part of the community ks for the reimbursement of your money

After the debut, some users are requesting reimbursement because of graphic and performance problems: I will be clear, they have money and resources. They have simply turned vague, says a user on Reddit. Another of them points out the following: If you bought it at the Nintendo Shop you have to know what you can call and k for a refund (…). They say it will be an exception to their digital games refund policies.

Neither Nintendo nor The Pokémon Company have referred to the problems officially, so it is unknown if they will address the errors in upcoming patches.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple went on sale lt Friday, November 18, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The game follows the path of Pokémon legends: Are and opts for the open world full of creatures and adventures. The Pale region, inspired by Spain, also incorporates the ninth generation of Pokémon.

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