Steam’s world is getting bigger over the years, and that is because PCs to play are more at hand in comparison to other years, with the most exorbitant prices. And now a site that is somehow linked to this store is using Nintendo games, something that seems to the company.

Steamgriddb is a website where users can load and download alternative images for the games they have in their library. This in order to give more personality in regard to images. There are illustrations of titles linked to Pokémon, Mario and even Zelda, and the question would be why are they there to start?

Nintendo sent a complaint in the form of a possible demand to eliminate all kinds of brand images, since they work for users who emulate their different video games. Thus, users who want to use the software irately take them as a reference to place the files in computer folders.

It is worth doing the comment, that the page does not house Rom’s of any kind, but Nintendo thinks that by including their images, the owners of the site could have some connection with the piracy. So not to get into lawsuits with the corporate entity, they have already erased any trace of illustrations of these video games, so if you want to find them in Steamgriddb, they are no longer available.


Via: Nintendo

Editor’s note: This kind of thing will definitely not end piracy, but it is better that they were erased, especially since Nintendo’s demands are not usually cheap for those who must pay them for compensation for damage.