Disney Dream light Valley is a magical life-player, available on PC and Nintendo Switch and free for Xbox Game Pass. There are so many recipes that you can cook, from one star to five-star dishes in the Dream light Valley, which are necessary for your stay there, allowing you to make friends, earn star coins or restore your energy. Here’s how you can use some of the ingredients you collected to prepare this four-star coconut cake!

Recipe for coconut cupcake in Dream light Valley

In the Dream light valley there are many delicious desserts that use the same baking ingredients, such as wheat, eggs and sugarcane. You can add another star ingredient to prepare different taste options, for example, this coconut cake.


A coconut cake is a four-star dish, which, like other cakes, is one of the best energy restoration dishes and allows you to move faster along the valley. When eating, it can restore up to 1750 units of energy, or you can sell it in any of the Hugh counter for 424-star coins. You can also give him characters to increase your friendship with them, especially if it is their gift of the day or their order at Chen Remy. Here are all the ingredients that you will need:

  • Wheat x1
  • eggs x1
  • Coconut x1
  • Sugar reed x1

where to get the ingredients for a coconut cake in the Dream light valley

Since this cake contains ordinary ingredients for baking from most other cake recipes, these elements should be quite easy to track. In fact, you can find most of them between Peaceful Meadow and Dazzle Beach, if you do not have them in stock yet. A stellar product of this dish is a coconut, and you will not even need to use star coins to buy it. Here you can find everything you need:

  • Wheat: peaceful meadow, bought in the Hugh counter for 3 coins of stars (1 coin of stars per seeds)
  • Eggs: Chen Remy, bought in Remus Pantry for 220-Star Coins.
  • Coconut: Dazzle Beach, collected from palm trees
  • Sugar reed: Dazzle Beach, bought at the Goofy Stall store for 29-Star Coins (5 per seeds)

Having collected all the ingredients, go to the nearest Chen Remy culinary station and connect the ingredients to prepare this four-star cake. Do not forget that once by finding the recipe, you can return to it at any time in the Collection menu or at a culinary station and cook it easier.

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