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NC Conducts Social Contribution Activity For Employees Future Generation Coding Education

Employees of NC soft (CEO Kim Taejon and NC) announced on the 21st that NC [CODE] Play, IT Education Social Contribution Activities for the future generations of the community.


NC [Code] Play is the first activity of NC [with] Play, a social contribution project involving NC employees.
The goal is to do good things and share pleasure.
The name of the brackets is changed to the subject of the activity.

NC (NC) invited a total of 40 students from Seagram Jun gang Elementary School (Principal Kim Young-ok) and Deal Elementary School (Principal Hi Young-soon) to Pang yo R & D Center.
It proceeded.
Students enjoyed various events such as ▲ making coding mood lamps ▲ game and job lectures ▲ office tours and gift delivery.

Coding mood lamp making is an activity where students receive basic development training by matching one-on-one with NC (NC) employees.
Based on the understanding of the algorithm, the students made a custom acrylic mood by adjusting the colors and brightness through coding.

NC (NC) will continue to carry out various social contribution activities based on the core values of ESG management activities such as ▲ correct pleasure, digital responsibility, and social quality leap.

Nintendo Switch Receives New Update

The Nintendo Switch has received a new update.


At the beginning of last November, version 15.0.1 reached the console, and a couple of hours ago it was announced that a restart of this same edition is now available for all users.
Unlike normal updates, reset do not need your console to cross a traditional process, and Nintendo usually remains silent with this type of improvements.

At the time, version 15.0.1 was responsible for offering greater stability, and now a series of corrections have arrived at inappropriate words.
This was what Oatmeal dome, famous mining of data, said:

The only changes are in the lists of bad words.
Several terms were added.
It also seems that the lists were considered a bit to prevent the harmless text from accidentally blocked in some languages.
This is not the first time something like that happens, since in July of this year, version 14.1.2 of the Switch also received a restart.
On related issues, Switch users can already consult their summary of 2022. Similarly, discounts on Third Party games reach SHOP.
Editor’s note:
Considering that the large updates of the switch are those that change their main number, there is still much before version 16 of the firmware is available.
Even when this arrives, it will be better not to expect some kind of substantial modification.

Joško Gvardiol: I hope my good performances in the coming months make RB Leipzig want to keep


Joke Guardiola has quickly become a fan favorite at RB Leipzig and the 19-year-old defender is already being coveted by some of the biggest teams in Europe. In this article, Guardiola talks about his hopes of staying with RB Leipzig and what it would take for him to stay. Read on to find out more!

RB Leipzig’s new s director Max Ebert wants to keep his worldwide desirable protector Joke Guardiola in the trade fair city for longer.
When inquired about any mail queries for the Croatian after his strong performance at the World Cup in Katar, Ebert joked in the program & Talk from the Hangar-7 at Serves: They are all in the spam folder. Guardiola, offer, directly spam. So I haven’t got any up until now.
The 49-year-old continued: I am happy that I can now work with such kids and wish to do it for more than half a year. Accordingly, I hope and assume that he will have fun with us for a very long time.
For the 20-year-old protector, RB had actually currently received highly endowed offers in summer.
The Croatian Treaty runs up until June 30, 2026.

Mbappe: God Of War

Football fans across the world were glued to their television screens yesterday as France faced off against Argentina in the World Cup. While the French team ultimately lost, the nation’s hero, Mbappé, shone brightly on the pitch and made an indelible impression in the hearts of football lovers everywhere. Read on to find out why Mbappé is being hailed as a god of war by some!

While the French individuals are gradually recovering from the defeat of the French football group yesterday versus Argentina, some individuals have actually still failed to absorb the result of this match in spite of everything.
This is all the more understandable once you discover the video of the Argentinian team altering spaces which cheerfully laughs at Kylian Mbappé just after their triumph.

Emiliano Martínez who asks his colleagues a second of silence to pay the head of the number 10 of the French team, by making a half-bare dance, there is something to take the latest thing.
Also, to relax the spirits, however likewise to let off steam, the YouTube channel MH Anitationstudio decided to divert the very first battle between Rates to Balder in the God of War of 2018, by changing our War God with Mbappé, and
Odin’s boy by Lionel Messi.
It is thanks to a mod of the PC version that this diversion is undoubtedly possible, knowing that it was made at the same time 24 hours for a rather acceptable rendering.


Rates’ Leviathan how was changed by a football ball in the hands of Kylian Mbappé, and we are even entitled to trophies in connection with the World Cup.
The rest, we understand her, Balder Messi takes a route and even gets the cervical dislocated at the end of the confrontation.

Xbox Controller (Xbox One)

Xbox’s controllers have been around for a while now, but Microsoft has been constantly upgrading them over the years. The newest iteration, the Xbox One Elite Controller, is so much better than any other model made by Microsoft.

Xbox’s controllers can be used with PCs, Android gadgets, and cloud gaming services like Video game Pass and Amazon Luna in addition to Xbox consoles, which make them an essential product in any gamer’s toolkit. That said, having an additional Xbox Wireless Controller or more lying around is always a good idea, which is why they are a no-brainer gift idea. This is especially real when a deal is included, and the one that’s taking place right now is a huge one.

At the time of composing you can get the Xbox Wireless Controller for just $39 ($20 off) in white and black here at Walmart, and here at GameStop (offers might need a Pro account). If you wish to get them in alternate colors, there are tons of options available through those same links priced at $44, which is likewise $20 off the sticker price. With less than a week till Christmas, among the huge perks of this Xbox offer is that you need to have the ability to get them under the tree in time.


See Xbox Wireless Controller Deals at Walmart

In associated deals news, if you remain in the market for a mini fridge formed like an Xbox Series X, then today is the day you have actually been awaiting. The meme turned real product introduced at $100 last year, however what seems a smaller version can be bought here at Walmart for just $55 (below $75 or $99 depending on when it was provided) if you are lucky enough to snag one prior to they sell out.

Once again, Walmart’s variation seems a little smaller sized than the initial version (holds 8 cans rather of 12), but it likewise has better evaluations at half the price. You can still buy the initial variation here at Target for $99.99.

The New Dawning Strikes In Destiny 2 Include 20 New Snowballs

The latest Destiny 2 Expansion, The New Dawning, has been announced by Bungee. This expansion includes a wide variety of changes to the game, including some changes to the base gameplay and an all-new winter event themed around snowballs.

Destiny 2 Arm 2022 is the winter occasion and includes snowballs.
These snowballs are in some cases a needed element of the conclusion of victim, but do not help them get more Dawning Spirit.
While you are a fun feature, the keeper certainly brings a vacation state of mind, I can’t state that about your enemies.


Here you can find out where you can find snowballs in Destiny 2 and how you can utilize them.

Where can you discover snowballs in Destiny 2 Dawning 2022

Snowballs can be all over in the Throne World, near Public Occasions, Vanguard Ops Playlists and Nigh thine, in Dares of Eternity and in European Lost Sectors.
These are very random places, these are the only locations where snowballs can be discovered in Fate 2 Dawning 2022
Eva Levant in The Tower has a weekly bounty called Snowball Fight. To do this, you have to defeat 50 fighters with snowballs.
When you finish this bounty, you will receive a great deal of EP, gloss dust, 10 method spirit and 30 attachment essence.

How to utilize snowballs in Destiny 2 Dawning 2022

Snowballs are easy to see because they can be discovered on a white snow far.
You will see a few snowballs drifting over the snow field.
To equip a snowball, you just need to do it and press the interaction secret that happens.
With an equipped snowball, you get into the third-person mode.
If you want to use the snowball, just press the shot button, and you begin your snowball.
The fact that using a snowball triggers the exact same animation as making use of a Nova bomb through a warlock is really amusing and is fun.

You can only use a snowball simultaneously, but the snowballs trigger a lot of damage.
Each snowball causes around 17,000 damage.
You can enhance the snowballs by outputting Dawning Spirit at Eva.
Keep in mind that snowballs are just readily available throughout the Fate 2 Dawning 2022 occasion that ends on January 3rd, so make certain you do it and begin a snowball fight.
Destiny 2 is now offered for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.
-This article was upgraded on December 13, 2022.


At the hour when whatever need to go quick, where the cinema produces in mass, in practically commercial quality, Artistic now goes to the background, and that is what is missing today in our cinema.
Not all the cinema naturally, however that of the category, the hit that forgot to tell stunning stories, caught with this requirement to make sounds without going even more.
So obviously, James Cameron is not No mote who, and it is thanks to his name, his stature and the projects that produce billions that the filmmaker can pay for to take as much time.
He stated it on a number of occasions, it is not voluntary if Avatar 2 took 13 years to go out, James Cameron had pointed out the extension in 2010 with a desire to establish the history and the Lore in a significant method.
On the other hand, in League, even SIL had currently surprised the world with its impeccable technique-even today, Avatar Premier of the name puts on the amended of 2022 blockbusters in terms of technique-James Cameron required that innovation is moving on a universe
he envisioned for the future.

In truth, with Avatar 2, James Cameron rearranges the cards, integrating new characters.
Jake Sully and Native are no longer the main characters of this suite, it is now the family, a universal and public style, efficient in uniting above all.

In truth, with Avatar 2, James Cameron rearranges the cards, integrating new characters.


Jake Sully and Native are no longer the main characters of this suite, it is now the household, a basic and universal public style, capable of bringing together above all.
And simply before the Christmas vacations, it was well found for marketing.
The Avatar 2 force and James Cameron is to find a great balance to give the place that it requires to its characters, without ever that they are stomping on.
Some stand out more than other, but everybody handles to discover their place and make sure that we can recognize in this unified household.
Where James Cameron’s trip de force is that a film is made to make a film where teenagers can sometimes take the lead in history, which was not an easy task.
It is unquestionably the truth of offering fictional characters, in full CGI, who must help pass the tablet, but it is likewise in lecture that the outcome works.
We are going to benefit from it to sweep away from the back of the circumstance, which some will evaluate light and too simplified, as was the case with the very first episode.
No, this was not the history of Pocahontas, or at least not just, there was also this idea of Avatar to be piloted at a distance, this story degrees, the importance to an extraterrestrial or human race, self-certification, your body, etc.
No Benson to come back on it.

Water, life

A sequel that was going to occur in Lead, or rather under the water, no doubt Element which interests the papa abyss and Titanic the many.
Because yes, beyond the films Anticipation that he developed for cinema, James Cameron is likewise enthusiastic about oceans and seabed, and we bear in mind that he had actually dropped 11 km deep in the Marianne spit in the Pacific in 2012.
Undoubtedly for tracking for Avatar 2, the person is crazy enough for that.
In the meantime, the history of this suite, subtitles the Method of the Water, lies just after the occasions of the very first episode.
We discover Jake Sully and Native who live delighted and melt a family.
Together, they will bring to life 3 kids, Steam, Loan, UK and adopt Kirk, born from Avatar de Grace Augustine, the character played by Sigourney Weaver, who took a crucial location in the film, however we will return.

The household, but not that of Vin Diesel

For Avatar 2, it remains in the same vein, the exact same connection.
We are on a basic story, however which does not prevent from communicating pretty styles, specifically when it is well-informed and the narrative is clear and fluid.
We don’t need to systematically have a complex scenario to applaud both feet.
Understanding how to speak with everybody, to the public, in Complete who, whatever their culture, is also an exercise in style, which is not offered to everybody.
Avatar 2 gives itself time and implies to establish a lore that announce rich and more complicated than Imagine, with the discovery of new tribes on Pandora.
There were the people of the earth, we find that of the sea, the Betraying clan led by Toward and Royal, played by Cliff Curtis and Kate Winslet.
By sexing, by altering locations, Jake Sully’s household will have to find out to live with another people, physically different, which will not be simple with children, required to make up with the typical mockery when we have
a certain age.
It is more complicated when you are likewise coming from blood, half-human midway.
And exactly, for other kids who were currently put to Le cart like Kirk or Spider, it will be a Location Essayer to discover his location in this brand-new world.
This is where the script of James Cameron is universal and well believed out, it is occurring to handle all viewpoints, that of navy, that of the blood and even of the human lenvahouser who was born and who matured on Pandora.
With his transfer stories of the body to another, who is more navy than the other in the end?
Who is more genuine?
The movie asks questions that are not so apparent to answer and which handle an even more powerful meaning in these times of identity and assimilation.

Our note: 9/10

Another theme that the film deals with is the nature and the place that the oceans in our ecosystem have.
Jen takes the opportunity to remind you that Avatar 2, nor the very first better, is a movie with an eco-friendly message.
We can see it like this, and it’s very excellent, however James Cameron just recently stated it in an interview, it is a movie on the sea and its value in Equilibrate de la Nature above all
And that, the filmmaker knows how to movie it better than anybody.
And clearly, the entire is carried by a definitely insane method which makes it possible to make the movie reputable at every minute.
It’s basic, Avatar 2 took 15 years simple in view of an entire industry in regard to digital deffest.
Whether it Matisse of the modeling of the characters, which does not be reluctant to movie in incredibly tight plans, which permits analyzing each texture and motion, or even the environments, completely lob jet of a particular care.
Where the movie becomes a visually speaking dingo, it remains in its marine scenes, a lot that we tell more to identify between the false of truth.
A lot so that specific strategies that we could see in the final trailer made an argument between digital deffer experts, who no longer knew if we were dealing with complete CGI or a mix with genuine images.
Where James Cameron is in testable, this is where the two worlds can blend to develop a definitely meaningful new one.
As in the very first, genuine stars are perfectly integrating into digital environments, it is even more spectacular today.
Simply relaunch Avatar after seeing the 2 to see the significant modifications and the developments that have been made.
There are James Cameron and there are the others.
Not that the others are not able to do too, but the difference is that 1/ James Cameron makes the effort that the result is perfect, and 2/ It is a perfectionist who lets absolutely nothing pass.
The Rockstar Games of cinema is him.

Lastly, we will finish on the requirement for Avatar 2 is a generous movie, which provides, which offers, without ever asking anything in return, simply to dive the viewer into another world.

It is restricted excessive, but it makes it possible to see that James Cameron is plainly a filmmaker who likes to share and make individuals travel in a universe that is hers and in which we are ready to get lost.
For experience to be the most overall, and the most immersive, you have to discover the best space to discover this movie long of 3:12.
Knowing that the Papa of Terminator 2 chose the HFR (High Frame Rate) to make the action more fluid and more legible, your cinema should be equipped with tools to project 48 frames per second.
In general, the spaces equipped with Dolby Cinema and IMAX enable such a rendering, however we strongly encourage you to look if the film will be well evaluated in HFR.
Although 3D has actually passed out of style, and we have never ever been a fan of this procedure, Avatar 2 must be viewed in these conditions, the movie taking another scale with glasses on the head.
This is even more true since brand-new models have appeared, in particular the Dolby variations which replicate with sharpness and brightness the rendering desired by James Cameron.
Some also stimulate the 4DX, but very all the best, with the quantity of water that the movie projects, there is a great chance that you capture a cold at the end of the session, provided winter temperature levels that prevail At this moment throughout France.
Anyhow, you are now cautioned!

Dolby Cinema, IMAX or nothing at all.

God Of War Actor Sunny Suljic Wants In On Amazons TV Show

We’re just two weeks away from the official release of Rates’ new RPG adventure, God of War. The game is without a doubt going to be a visual spectacle worth seeing on your PlayStation 4, but that doesn’t mean we should forget all about the man who brought us this incredible narrative and its unforgettable protagonist

He played Atreus in God of War 2018, and during the occasions of that game, Atreus was 11 years of ages. He’s aged up in God of War Ragnarök, so Music was still able to play the character, however if Amazon’s God of War reveal goes all the method back to the start of the very first video game and wishes to illustrate Atreus in a manner that’ll recognize to gamers, Music has a point with his remark about his age.

We’ve understood for a while that Amazon was looking into a God of War TV show, however after it was finally green lit this week, Music offered his name up for the series. On Twitter, he talked about the news by saying I swear to god if I don’t get booked for this….

When taping lines for that game, Music’s age has actually already been talked about before in regard to God of War Ragnarök and how the star’s voice changed. Jodie Kusch, the supervising dialogue designer who dealt with God of War Ragnarök, stated in a video from October that Music’s voice changed dramatically throughout the several years spent dealing with the video game and that his performance had to be levelled to adapt to that scenario.


Music, 17, then acknowledged his age and why that might be an issue with him remaining in the show as Atreus.

God of War is officially being adjusted into a television show by Amazon Studios, and now that that’s been revealed, the fan castings for who must play who are officially back in full swing. Amid all those pitches, star Sunny Music who played Atreus in both God of War and God of War Ragnarök has actually sent his own name for consideration by tweeting that he wishes to get scheduled for the program, though he did acknowledge one possible issue with that casting choice: his age.

Christopher Judge, the star who presently plays Rates, has actually similarly voiced his desire to be associated with the Amazon program.

Unless I’m too old now I think? Music considered immediately later on.

Quality Beyond Transmedia: Video Games

Sorry for centralism, but I consider that it is necessary to provide this appreciation for the entertainment chosen by people who use public transport in madrid.
I imagine that it is something that can be extrapolated to other cities, but I prefer to stick to what I have seen directly.
Clarifications made, I proceed to enumerate the main activities that I have detected thanks to the perspective that my height gives me but also to a certain Costilla character that I do not finish riding, I do not hide.
In general, most travelers resort to the mobile phone to liven up the journey, this may not surprise you, but once they access this device, the alternatives are usually framed in three options: social networks, non-interactive audiovisual entertainment and video games.
I can contribute little about the interest and hours of consumption that are associated with Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, not to mention instant messaging applications.
It seems relevant to me to deepen the other two options, especially for the platform that has struggled to build a bridge between them throughout this year: Netflix.
While it is true that the catalog of games of the audiovisual platform has already received proposals such as Heated Mayhem (a rhythm game whose entrance threshold is much more permissive than that of the League of Legends for those who would look for more after enjoying Arcane), the games
Netflix failed to capture my attention until June, during the Summer Game Fest.
It is curious, but I did not run into my favorite game among all those announced in the return Direct 2022, an event loaded with interesting games, from Cult of the Lamb or Card Shark to the future The Plucky Squire or Skate Story.
The crush took place in one of those easily teachable names of the list of direct to follow, since it was in the Netflix event (a statement of intentions) where we could see the Pointy trailer, precisely by the hand of returning digital.
We did not have to wait after seeing the announcement of Pointy and its adorable and homonymous protagonist creature, which also arrived with an ideal proposal to start the summer.
Something better than a refreshing Quito to combat heat?
Few options occur to me.
Gone was the thrilling descent towards the terrors of the deep in Down well, in Pointy it was played based on jumps, rebounds, capons and propellers.
The ascension was accompanied by the fruits’ collection to satisfy the mining Cyclopes that persecutes us, all with a cozy color, quite far from the aesthetics that exhibits the other Fujiko Ohio game.
The weeks after their launch were plagued with positive comments within the press specialized in video games.
The surprise was mixed with the absolute conviction that once it took off (it is true that until you manage to unlock an extra couple of jumps, it can be somewhat frustrating, but it does not require much time to get these improvements), the game was quite fun and result on.
His fame was such that there were those who did not stop requesting him to leave Netflix on another platform to prove it.
That other users were in the position of deciding between subscribing to netflix or running out of Mainly was good news for the platform.
Not so much that those who were already users did not know that they could download it without paying anything else or not even finding the place of the app that housed the catalog of games.
This undoubtedly contributed to the fact that in August not even 1% of his subscribers played his titles, added to the fact that Netflix’s main attraction is not video games or users have to be interested in them, of course.
In my case I spent summer bouncing in Pointy until I ran into a game that already caught my attention in 2021: Before Your Eyes.
Since I do not usually play on PC, Goodbye world Games’s proposal was relegated to an infinite list of pending titles… until its arrival in Netflix.
I found an interesting story by itself, but clearly enhanced by the link between the main mechanics of flickering and the device that was executing the game.
In Before Your Eyes we jumped to the next scene with whether when a certain indicator appears on the screen we cannot avoid blinking.
Sometimes we will look for flickering to get away from bad memories.
In others, we will fight not to close our eyes and enjoy more than one treasure housed in our memory.

Being able to play it on my mobile was the decisive factor, beyond the undeniable advantage of not having to pay (more) for it.

During the subsequent months I tried other games of the Netflix catalog with an indirect recommendation as a starting point: Oscar Gómez mentioned in a reel that Into The Breach could be played on this platform, so I launched myself head;
Elena C. Alonso has always had very beautiful words towards Oxen free, so I did not hesitate for a moment when I saw that she was in the not so hidden list inside the mobile app;
The Moonlight icon caught my attention as it was a game developed in Valencia that he knew little more than the premise, but why not try it if I already have access to him just by clicking?
After the promising summer start, full of suitable experiences for the mobile and games with a certain hearth (modern classics of the indie, even) that made the jump to the small screen, an irregular fall arrived.
On the one hand, games were published directly for Netflix that did not end up working as well as expected, as happened with highlight: The Memories Between, a Roguelike whose story did not just be enhanced by the gameplay.
On the other, Immortal’s eternal promise worked like a succulent carrot.
At the end of November, three months after its launch on PC and Xbox, Sam Barlow’s last game joined the Netflix catalog.
It is curious, I write this before they can play it, that is right on this platform where this game is found so linked to cinema, both for history and for the visual aspect.
I speak of curiosity because of the many television representations that we have of the video game the first one that comes to mind is the interactive episode of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, also from Netflix.


It is not my intention to step on the excellent work that Alberto Corona is doing in this house, the best voice to address the different adaptations that video games and series have had.
It should be noted that it is precisely in Netflix where we can find a very juicy catalog: the award-winning Arcane, developed in the universe of League of Legends;
the Cup head, Castlemaine, Dragon Age or Taken animation series;
The already canceled Resident Evil series or the flesh and bone version of The Witcher.
The Witch’s universe will be expanded soon thanks to its relationship with Netflix: on the one hand the new generation version of The Witcher 3 will have several LCS based on the series, while on the platform you can see the prequel Blood & Origin, with Michelle Yeah in front.
The transmedia strategy can work, as already happened with Cyberpunk: Edge runners and the increase of players in Cyberpunk 2077 after the premiere of Studio Trigger and Netflix anime.
The interesting thing is that they are not limited to a single path, because there may be those who are not interested in the extra content linked to this series or that, but perhaps you see the announcement of Valiant Hearts: Coming Home in The Game Awards and goes to
Netflix to play it.
Or it may have been waiting for the arrival of Kentucky Road Zero for months to his catalog or, even if it were not what many would expect, his goal is to play Twelve Minutes in public transport, loop in loop.
The strength of the bridge that Netflix is building is still waiting to be tested, everything requires its time, but at the moment it must be recognized that they do not stop nurturing its playable catalog of very interesting options, not forgetting its transmedia bet.
I do not know if the Candy Crush or the Pokémon GO will soon share a subway car with Immortal or high, but of course many users can enjoy such interesting options as well adapted to their mobile device.
For me, his greatest success is that in less than a year he has not been interested in causing me to elaborate desire lists: would it not be great to play Florence on his mobile?
Wouldn’t it be a good option to resort to the tablet to review gray?
Couldn’t Down well accompany Pointy in Netflix?
If we can dream big, I would ask for all the HAP Inc games: that nobody is left without a hidden game for the mother !!, please.

Steam Deck: Theyre Back!

Last week 180 people were the luckiest in the Gamer world, and that is because during the broadcast of The Game Awards, Valve was giving his Steam Deck every minute to some lucky one who has been subscribed to a contest.
And if you were one of the unfortunate who won nothing, it may be that you still have an opportunity.
The company announced that they are going to give more of these devices, and that is reduced to resume people who registered in the awards contest, so no one can get into the new raffle right now.


So now some lucky ones can access their email and may find the notification of having won the gift.
It is worth mentioning that the users of Latin America and other countries could not register on the page, since Valve is only making laptop to sites such as the United States, Canada, Europe, among some places of importance.
So from Mexico down there is no plausible opportunity to take the trophy.
In news related to Steam, it has been announced what are the most used cards by users who play on the platform, and it is actually surprising that many of them are not the newest in the market.
If you want to know more about it, we invite you to click on the following link.
Via: Steam
Editor’s note: It would have been good that they also ship to Latin America, but until the day you can’t even buy the device officially.
While there are at Amazon, third parties are sold at very high prices.

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