When you play in Warhammer 40k: Dark tide, you could notice that other enemies wear heavier armor than usual. If you played for the cranial firing, then the description of one of your skills of the bomb also mentions the shell armor. Dark tide does not really explain what kind of shelling armor it is, so let us help you.

What is shelling armor in dark tide

Punk armor is the type of heavy armor in Dark tide. This is the most severe armor that enemies can have. This is quite obvious, and you can easily find an enemy that wears bulky armor of the shell.

As the name implies, the shell armor is extremely durable, so you can expect that the enemy will withstand many attacks before falling.

In addition, Scab Mauler and Reaper are also equipped with this armor and are classified as enemies in she’ll armor. It is difficult to win these enemies, for example, the speaker applies a lot of damage with his armor along with an almost invulnerable body of the armor.

The remaining enemies enclosed in the shell armor have only certain parts of the armor for certain parts of the body.


An ideal way to cope with such armored enemies in the shell in Warhammer 40,000 Dark tide is to focus on applying additional damage to them.