As for Pokémon, I have lived in the past for a long period of time.
As a child, I got on with the red edition prior to I changed to the new edition of fire red at some point.
I got stuck with this and have dug up again and again for many years rather of committing myself to the new adventures.
When I changed this with Pokémon Purpura, I instantly discovered that I truly do not have an aspect from the old games: the high turf!

The random encounters triggered stress

If I wished to snap all the beasts in (fire) red, I needed to routinely strike the absolutely opaque undergrowth-so I am minimum of envisioned it.
In fact, seeing on the screen was just a pixel turf, while the Pokémon prowling in random areas were just not shown in the world.
They just appeared in the battle screen.
So I came across the animals completely unexpectedly and might only see which types it was when the overdramatic music initiated an argument.
For me, this mechanics at first brought an incredible enjoyment into play, and when my beloved Guano was lastly in front of me after the fourth Tabs, the joy was all the higher.
This kind of encounters already caused goose bumps with my eleven-year-old, however also worked when I unpacked the game for the last time two years ago.
So it was a little shock for me when I saw that the complimentary pocket beasts in purple just stew about the world.
I can go to her in a targeted manner and chat her to get included and record them in struggles.

The new system likewise has benefits, however…

Thanks to this change, it is of course less tedious to satisfy the right Pokémon.
In addition, the 3D world of Parmesan and Purpura in some way has actually to be filled with life, and the wild Pokémon contribute a minimum of a little.
Without them, the currently quite barren and texture-arm open world would appear even empty.
I can understand these reasons for the development.
I believe sword and shield have better compromise option, particularly a mix of noticeably wandering Pokémon and random encounters.
Furthermore, I would also value that in Purpura, especially because the old mechanics have another element for me: the world feels more hazardous and adventurous in – and this is something that I usually miss at the beginning of purple.

If I do not desire to fight, I can simply prevent wild pocket monsters.
Samara Summer season
@Also in the winter
Samara started playing in the 90s.
Her very first console was the initial Video game Kid, where she also played Pokémon Red for the very first time.
In the meantime, the series is no longer one of its favorites.
The freelance author especially likes to play souls, horror and narrative video games.


To relax, it can also be a farm SIM on the Switch-or now Pokémon Purpura.
At that time, on my journeys through the Kant region, I was a child who was sent to a mysterious world alone.
It likewise fit well that I was constantly attacked in the high yard, without first seeing which monster stood in my way.
Obviously there is a great deal of cute in Pokémon video games, however the combine with strange and threatening aspects, I utilized to attend to.
In Purpura, on the other hand, at the start of the video game I have the feeling that I will be taken much more than before.
As quickly as I took the very first steps, a buddy is pushed for me and the fundamentals in the academy are taught me.
I wish to explore into the big broad world and her tricks!
The somewhat tough entry can take around two hours.
I am delighted to see if the Pokémon formula in the game is still kicking, and I still find out the new mechanics.
At the minute I am skeptical and would rather graze whatever again.
What does that appearance like: do you likewise miss out on the high yard or do you like the new solution much better?