With avatar: the sense of water about to premiere in cinem around the world, James Cameron continues to think about great milestones of his career;
and others that were not so much, despite not sitting behind the camer.
This is the ce of Terminator: Dark Fate or Terminator: Dark destination in Spain, the lt installment of the 2019 saga that despite having Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, ended up being a failure at the box office, causing great losses.
All this with Cameron a producer and Tim Miller in the direction, a relationship that did not end very well between them at that time.
Now, Cameron h talked about the Fico of Dark Fate, ensuring that it w your grandfather’s Terminator.

The dark destination of the Terminator saga

This is what the Deadline media collects after talking to the director: I think the problem, and it is my thing, I refused to do it without Arnold.
Tim didn’t want Arnold, but I said: ‘Look, I don’t want that.
Arnold and I have been friends for 40 years, and I could hear it, and it would be like this: Jim, I cannot believe that you are making a Terminator movie without me, says the director, who knew that Schwarzenegger would like to participate.
And then Tim wanted Linda.
I think the film could have survived with it in her, I think she could have survived with Arnold in her, but when you put Linda and Arnold in her and then, you know, she h 60 and so many, he h 70 and so many, of
Suddenly it w not your Terminator movie, it wn’t even your father’s Terminator movie, it w your grandfather’s Terminator movie, continues the director.
And we didn’t see that.
We loved it, we thought it w great, you know, we were doing this kind of direct sequel to a film that came out in 1991. And the young public w not born.


They wouldn’t even have been born for up to 10 years.
So it w our own myopia.
We grew up a little, and I think that is the lesson, concludes the director, recognizing that Terminator: Dark Fate did not know how to capture the essence of the saga or arrived at the ideal moment, which ended up being a failure at all levels.
We will see if the Terminator franchise manages to resurrect, already a reboot with a new main actor in the Terminator’s role, or in the hands of Cameron;
Although it seems unlikely that the director himself is interested, even more so if we take into account his ambitious plan with the Avatar saga.