If you missed the most important information of the week about Hogwarts Legacy, you should know that last Wednesday a second 35-minute gameplay showcase was broadcast.
You can find its content in our summary article and in the video below.
On many occasions, it is not enough to see the videos only once to realize the possible details that can be hidden in it.
Here are 4 details that you may have lost.

The confirmed Hogwarts express?

Although we already have several clues that suggest that the famous train of the saga will be present in the game, we have not yet seen it.
However, the figure of the Hogwarts express is one of the main objects we see in the decorations of GamePlay Showcase broadcasts, but it is especially during this second direct that we had to pay attention to a significant detail.
In fact, while one was embellished watching the flight with hypocrisy on the varied landscapes of the open world, the train tracks could be appreciated underneath.
They may be only rails for merchandise wagons, especially at this point on the map, but we cannot avoid thinking that the famous train will be available.
Especially since the main track is in Hogsmeade with its famous Hogwarts Station (a train station).

The progression of the stage

During the previous game sample, it was already said that only the scenario would influence the stations and that, therefore, it would not be modeled in the time of the console or PC.


Thus, we will not be able to fully choose our adventure in winter or spring for example.
This element was confirmed during the second session: starting the story on September 1, 1890 (for the start of the school year at Hogwarts), the player will reach the end of summer and can discover the autumn, winter and spring of Scotland,
As the events progress
Events such as Christmas or Halloween, of course, will be represented between the castle walls with typical decorations as in the books and movies of the saga.

We can fight with plants

During the long advanced combat session in the Dark Magic Arena (reserved for the Deluxe and Collector editions), we could see that it was possible to use several plants to attack the enemies for us.
If most fans were surprised (or baffled) when discovering how simple it seemed to use unforgivable curses such as Arvada Cedar, this essential element of the game should not be lost.
The potions will be your allied faithful, but also the plants
Among the mandatory, which can paralyze all enemies in sight with their strident shout, and the one that acts as a real war turret, there is much to do.

There are other greenhouses in the Men.

It was already surprising to discover that we could decorate the Men.
As for the decoration of the room, it will be necessary to buy recipes from the volume and scroll store in Hogsmeade to be able to invoke the room furniture.
It is also possible to find plans and furniture directly in the open world.
For the main greenhouse, which is the one that was presented in detail during the game: it can also be decorated to create an idyllic place for all the creatures saved from the poachers.
It is a peaceful pasture, but keep in mind that it will be possible to obtain other greenhouses with different biomes such as the swamp.
You can also see them in the upper left and upper right of the stairs in the Men.