Sorry for centralism, but I consider that it is necessary to provide this appreciation for the entertainment chosen by people who use public transport in madrid.
I imagine that it is something that can be extrapolated to other cities, but I prefer to stick to what I have seen directly.
Clarifications made, I proceed to enumerate the main activities that I have detected thanks to the perspective that my height gives me but also to a certain Costilla character that I do not finish riding, I do not hide.
In general, most travelers resort to the mobile phone to liven up the journey, this may not surprise you, but once they access this device, the alternatives are usually framed in three options: social networks, non-interactive audiovisual entertainment and video games.
I can contribute little about the interest and hours of consumption that are associated with Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, not to mention instant messaging applications.
It seems relevant to me to deepen the other two options, especially for the platform that has struggled to build a bridge between them throughout this year: Netflix.
While it is true that the catalog of games of the audiovisual platform has already received proposals such as Heated Mayhem (a rhythm game whose entrance threshold is much more permissive than that of the League of Legends for those who would look for more after enjoying Arcane), the games
Netflix failed to capture my attention until June, during the Summer Game Fest.
It is curious, but I did not run into my favorite game among all those announced in the return Direct 2022, an event loaded with interesting games, from Cult of the Lamb or Card Shark to the future The Plucky Squire or Skate Story.
The crush took place in one of those easily teachable names of the list of direct to follow, since it was in the Netflix event (a statement of intentions) where we could see the Pointy trailer, precisely by the hand of returning digital.
We did not have to wait after seeing the announcement of Pointy and its adorable and homonymous protagonist creature, which also arrived with an ideal proposal to start the summer.
Something better than a refreshing Quito to combat heat?
Few options occur to me.
Gone was the thrilling descent towards the terrors of the deep in Down well, in Pointy it was played based on jumps, rebounds, capons and propellers.
The ascension was accompanied by the fruits’ collection to satisfy the mining Cyclopes that persecutes us, all with a cozy color, quite far from the aesthetics that exhibits the other Fujiko Ohio game.
The weeks after their launch were plagued with positive comments within the press specialized in video games.
The surprise was mixed with the absolute conviction that once it took off (it is true that until you manage to unlock an extra couple of jumps, it can be somewhat frustrating, but it does not require much time to get these improvements), the game was quite fun and result on.
His fame was such that there were those who did not stop requesting him to leave Netflix on another platform to prove it.
That other users were in the position of deciding between subscribing to netflix or running out of Mainly was good news for the platform.
Not so much that those who were already users did not know that they could download it without paying anything else or not even finding the place of the app that housed the catalog of games.
This undoubtedly contributed to the fact that in August not even 1% of his subscribers played his titles, added to the fact that Netflix’s main attraction is not video games or users have to be interested in them, of course.
In my case I spent summer bouncing in Pointy until I ran into a game that already caught my attention in 2021: Before Your Eyes.
Since I do not usually play on PC, Goodbye world Games’s proposal was relegated to an infinite list of pending titles… until its arrival in Netflix.
I found an interesting story by itself, but clearly enhanced by the link between the main mechanics of flickering and the device that was executing the game.
In Before Your Eyes we jumped to the next scene with whether when a certain indicator appears on the screen we cannot avoid blinking.
Sometimes we will look for flickering to get away from bad memories.
In others, we will fight not to close our eyes and enjoy more than one treasure housed in our memory.

Being able to play it on my mobile was the decisive factor, beyond the undeniable advantage of not having to pay (more) for it.

During the subsequent months I tried other games of the Netflix catalog with an indirect recommendation as a starting point: Oscar Gómez mentioned in a reel that Into The Breach could be played on this platform, so I launched myself head;
Elena C. Alonso has always had very beautiful words towards Oxen free, so I did not hesitate for a moment when I saw that she was in the not so hidden list inside the mobile app;
The Moonlight icon caught my attention as it was a game developed in Valencia that he knew little more than the premise, but why not try it if I already have access to him just by clicking?
After the promising summer start, full of suitable experiences for the mobile and games with a certain hearth (modern classics of the indie, even) that made the jump to the small screen, an irregular fall arrived.
On the one hand, games were published directly for Netflix that did not end up working as well as expected, as happened with highlight: The Memories Between, a Roguelike whose story did not just be enhanced by the gameplay.
On the other, Immortal’s eternal promise worked like a succulent carrot.
At the end of November, three months after its launch on PC and Xbox, Sam Barlow’s last game joined the Netflix catalog.
It is curious, I write this before they can play it, that is right on this platform where this game is found so linked to cinema, both for history and for the visual aspect.
I speak of curiosity because of the many television representations that we have of the video game the first one that comes to mind is the interactive episode of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, also from Netflix.


It is not my intention to step on the excellent work that Alberto Corona is doing in this house, the best voice to address the different adaptations that video games and series have had.
It should be noted that it is precisely in Netflix where we can find a very juicy catalog: the award-winning Arcane, developed in the universe of League of Legends;
the Cup head, Castlemaine, Dragon Age or Taken animation series;
The already canceled Resident Evil series or the flesh and bone version of The Witcher.
The Witch’s universe will be expanded soon thanks to its relationship with Netflix: on the one hand the new generation version of The Witcher 3 will have several LCS based on the series, while on the platform you can see the prequel Blood & Origin, with Michelle Yeah in front.
The transmedia strategy can work, as already happened with Cyberpunk: Edge runners and the increase of players in Cyberpunk 2077 after the premiere of Studio Trigger and Netflix anime.
The interesting thing is that they are not limited to a single path, because there may be those who are not interested in the extra content linked to this series or that, but perhaps you see the announcement of Valiant Hearts: Coming Home in The Game Awards and goes to
Netflix to play it.
Or it may have been waiting for the arrival of Kentucky Road Zero for months to his catalog or, even if it were not what many would expect, his goal is to play Twelve Minutes in public transport, loop in loop.
The strength of the bridge that Netflix is building is still waiting to be tested, everything requires its time, but at the moment it must be recognized that they do not stop nurturing its playable catalog of very interesting options, not forgetting its transmedia bet.
I do not know if the Candy Crush or the Pokémon GO will soon share a subway car with Immortal or high, but of course many users can enjoy such interesting options as well adapted to their mobile device.
For me, his greatest success is that in less than a year he has not been interested in causing me to elaborate desire lists: would it not be great to play Florence on his mobile?
Wouldn’t it be a good option to resort to the tablet to review gray?
Couldn’t Down well accompany Pointy in Netflix?
If we can dream big, I would ask for all the HAP Inc games: that nobody is left without a hidden game for the mother !!, please.