We’re just two weeks away from the official release of Rates’ new RPG adventure, God of War. The game is without a doubt going to be a visual spectacle worth seeing on your PlayStation 4, but that doesn’t mean we should forget all about the man who brought us this incredible narrative and its unforgettable protagonist

He played Atreus in God of War 2018, and during the occasions of that game, Atreus was 11 years of ages. He’s aged up in God of War Ragnarök, so Music was still able to play the character, however if Amazon’s God of War reveal goes all the method back to the start of the very first video game and wishes to illustrate Atreus in a manner that’ll recognize to gamers, Music has a point with his remark about his age.

We’ve understood for a while that Amazon was looking into a God of War TV show, however after it was finally green lit this week, Music offered his name up for the series. On Twitter, he talked about the news by saying I swear to god if I don’t get booked for this….

When taping lines for that game, Music’s age has actually already been talked about before in regard to God of War Ragnarök and how the star’s voice changed. Jodie Kusch, the supervising dialogue designer who dealt with God of War Ragnarök, stated in a video from October that Music’s voice changed dramatically throughout the several years spent dealing with the video game and that his performance had to be levelled to adapt to that scenario.


Music, 17, then acknowledged his age and why that might be an issue with him remaining in the show as Atreus.

God of War is officially being adjusted into a television show by Amazon Studios, and now that that’s been revealed, the fan castings for who must play who are officially back in full swing. Amid all those pitches, star Sunny Music who played Atreus in both God of War and God of War Ragnarök has actually sent his own name for consideration by tweeting that he wishes to get scheduled for the program, though he did acknowledge one possible issue with that casting choice: his age.

Christopher Judge, the star who presently plays Rates, has actually similarly voiced his desire to be associated with the Amazon program.

Unless I’m too old now I think? Music considered immediately later on.