Joke Guardiola has quickly become a fan favorite at RB Leipzig and the 19-year-old defender is already being coveted by some of the biggest teams in Europe. In this article, Guardiola talks about his hopes of staying with RB Leipzig and what it would take for him to stay. Read on to find out more!

RB Leipzig’s new s director Max Ebert wants to keep his worldwide desirable protector Joke Guardiola in the trade fair city for longer.
When inquired about any mail queries for the Croatian after his strong performance at the World Cup in Katar, Ebert joked in the program & Talk from the Hangar-7 at Serves: They are all in the spam folder. Guardiola, offer, directly spam. So I haven’t got any up until now.
The 49-year-old continued: I am happy that I can now work with such kids and wish to do it for more than half a year. Accordingly, I hope and assume that he will have fun with us for a very long time.
For the 20-year-old protector, RB had actually currently received highly endowed offers in summer.
The Croatian Treaty runs up until June 30, 2026.