The Nintendo Switch has received a new update.


At the beginning of last November, version 15.0.1 reached the console, and a couple of hours ago it was announced that a restart of this same edition is now available for all users.
Unlike normal updates, reset do not need your console to cross a traditional process, and Nintendo usually remains silent with this type of improvements.

At the time, version 15.0.1 was responsible for offering greater stability, and now a series of corrections have arrived at inappropriate words.
This was what Oatmeal dome, famous mining of data, said:

The only changes are in the lists of bad words.
Several terms were added.
It also seems that the lists were considered a bit to prevent the harmless text from accidentally blocked in some languages.
This is not the first time something like that happens, since in July of this year, version 14.1.2 of the Switch also received a restart.
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Editor’s note:
Considering that the large updates of the switch are those that change their main number, there is still much before version 16 of the firmware is available.
Even when this arrives, it will be better not to expect some kind of substantial modification.