Get ready for the ultimate gaming experience with the new Nintendo Switch OLED, now available exclusively with Mario + Rabbis: Sparks of Hope! This is one of the latest and greatest titles from Ubisoft that brings together two iconic gaming franchises in one exciting adventure. Discover just how much this game has to offer and how it can revolutionize your gaming experience right here!

At Otto, you can simply snap the Nintendo Switch OLED in the bundle with the two-month-old special hit Mario + Rabbis: Sparks of Hope.
For both together you only pay EUR 359.
The video game presently costs EUR 49.99 individually, accordingly there is still a price of EUR 309.01 for the console.
This is quite low-cost, according to the contrast platforms you will get the Nintendo Switch OLED currently nowhere else at such a good cost.
Here is the offer:
Nintendo Change OLED with Mario + Rabbis: Sparks of Hope for EUR 359 at Otto
The matter has a catch: At Christmas, the console will no longer get here with you, you have to expect a delivery time of about 2 weeks.
In addition, the package is only offered with the white version of the Nintendo Switch OLED.
According to the present information on the shop page, the deal is still legitimate until the end of the month, but it could naturally likewise be sold out earlier.

How good is Mario + Rabbis: Stimulates of Hope?

Stimulates of Hope is a worthwhile follower for the tactical hit Mario + Rabbis: Kingdom Battle and has actually received significant 84 points in our Gamer test.
Little has changed at the core of the gameplay: Mario and his friends are still contending together in the group with the Rabbis from Ubisoft in exciting round techniques against their enemies.
We not only need to take advantage of the specific unique skills of our characters, however likewise cleverly integrate with each other in order to win the battlefield.
The situation is new: instead of conserving the mushroom kingdom as normal, we are hurrying to help the so-called triggers this time.
These are adorable, star-shaped beings that likewise supported us in fight.
In addition, Sparks of Hope with its brand-new Skill trees has actually ended up being an excellent offer more complex than its predecessor, and the scope has increased.


A lot has actually also been enhanced graphically.
Nintendo Switch OLED with Mario + Rabbis: Sparks of Expect EUR 359 at Otto
You can discover out more about Mario + Rabbis: Triggers of Hope here:
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Mario + Rabbis: Stimulates of Hope in the test
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