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Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition – Notre Avis – Sortie le 1er Mars 2022 sur PC, Xbox One et PS4


  • Release date: March 1, 2022 (PC, Xbox One, PS4).
    February 16 (Xbox Series/PC/PS5)
  • Developer: Flying Wild Hog
  • Editor: Revolver Digital
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Genres: first-person shooting game, action

After an outing on Windows, Xbox One and PS4 On March 1, 2022, the Shadow Warrior 3 game is back in an improved version designated by Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition, for Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms,
Since February 16, 2023.
Shadow Warrior 3 is a first-person shooting game developed by Flying Wild Hog and edited by the crazy Silver Digital.
The game is the continuation of Shadow Warrior 2 and stages the return of the protagonist, Lo Wang, who must face a new enemy, a demon called The Ancient Gods.
The gameplay of Shadow Warrior 3 focuses on the action and intense fights, with a wide variety of weapons and combat capacities available to players.
The levels are designed to offer complex challenges, with traps, powerful enemies and hidden secrets.
The graphics and the soundtrack of the game are also of high quality, with environments rich in detail and impressive visual effects.
Shadow Warrior 3 is not a perfect game, we can among other things criticize the story of the game a little weak and the characters who lack depth.

Although this version took advantage of a salutary facelift which allows it to enjoy 4K visuals and a frequency of 60 frames per second, we still highlight display bugs here and there.
What about Steam deck?
The Valve portable console is perfectly suited for playing Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition.
The console itself decreases the quality a little but retains a 60 constant FPS.
No need to configure the keys, the game checks are immediately recognized.
I come to the conclusion that it is an ideal game to be played on the move on Steinbeck.

Overall, Shadow Warrior 3 is a solid first person shooting game with intense gameplay and impressive graphics.
However, it may not be suitable for everyone because of its weak history and its potential performance problems.
If you are a fan of first-person action games, Shadow Warrior 3 may be worth trying all the more since it is not very expensive to buy.
Here is the video of our impressions of the game in its 2022 version by my colleague René Adieu:

Fast and very entertaining
Raised graphics
Perfect controls
Ideal for Steam deck

Not interesting story
A few more bugs
Just an impression of freedom.
(Too corridor)

Baldurs Gate 3: RPG Coming to PS5 in August – State of Play Announcement

As component of the youngest State of Play, there were several announcements, including verification of a PS5 version of Blurs Entrance 3 including the release date.
New gameplay material was likewise released, which offers numerous locations and personalities along with insights right into the battle.
You can watch the video from the State of Play Show below these lines.
The scenes provide a foretaste of General Etheric Thor, one of the 3 crucial antagonists, whom you will certainly meet through the forgotten empires during your journey.
The programmers want to present two various other antagonists in the coming months.
With a number of various types, classes, individual backgrounds and other web content where gamers can pick from, Blurs Entrance 3 is around experiencing an RPG spectacle that ought to be distinct for every player.
Players can experience the story adventure of Blurs Gateway 3 alone or with pals, additionally in co-op mode on a split display for approximately 2 players or in on the internet mode for approximately four gamers.
It is important to adjust the strategies in order to have the ability to achieve success together.

Versions by Blurs Gate 3

Together with the Blurs Entrance 3 date for the PS5, 2 versions were also announced, which feature added material.
This includes:
Blurs Gateway 3 Collectors Version
An electronic variation of Blurs Gate 3 in the Deluxe Version
Individual sticker label arc
Fight-Diorama Idea Covering against Draw (25 centimeters high).
160-page hardbound photo publication.
Fern fabric card.
Personality arches for initial personalities inspired by D&D.
Steel larval crucial ring.
Booster pack for Magic: The Gathering.

  • W20 dices made of metal with inscriptions and also an in-game version!
  • Certificate of credibility.
    Blurs Entrance 3 Deluxe Edition.
  • Playable poet song bundle.
  • Special in-game dices look.
  • An adventure bag with products that make your journey less complicated.
  • Digital downloads from initial soundtrack, showed book as well as character arcs for Blurs Gateway 3.
  • 72-hour initial access to act I from Blurs Gate 3.
    More reports from the State of Play:.
  • Resident Evil 4 Remake: New Gameplay Trailer-Demo & The Mercenaries confirmed.
  • PS Plus in March 2023: Essential and also very first ready extra/premium announced.
  • Self-destruction Squad-Kill the Justice League: Action-rich co-op gameplay from the Sony occasion.
    Blurs Entrance 3 will certainly be released on August 31, 2023, for PS5 as well as PC.
    Purchasers of both detailed editions will receive a very early accessibility from August 28th.
    The trailer discussed at the beginning is offered for checking out:.
    By loading the video you accept the information security affirmation from YouTube.
    Find out more.


Tons video.
Constantly unlock YouTube.
Further, reports on Balder’s Entrance 3.

Ronaldinho Joins Kings League Founded By Ex-Barcelona Star Gerard Pique – Playing for FC Porcinos on February 26


The two-time world footballer Ronaldinho will certainly play next Sunday (February 26) in the Kings League established by Barcelona celebrity Gerard Piqué.
The Brazilian will certainly compete FC Portions, which is led by founder IAI Llanos, a Spanish banner.
The Kings League started on January 1, 2023.
There, twelve groups on the little field complete in Barcelona in 7 versus 7, the group presidents are internet as well as football celebrities such as Piqué’s world championship colleague Iker Cadillac and the previous Argentine worldwide Sergio Ague.
How did Ronaldinho instantly play along?
The twelfth gamer can change in the team weekly.
And so it will attend look of the previous Barça superstar next Sunday.
Articles and video clips on the topic
Transfers: Bavaria to June talent on it
Is Ayala leaving the Roma at the ridicule cost?
All games of the Africa Cup are available real-time at sportdigital.de
Ronaldinho will definitely not be the last shock visitor in the Kings Organization, the clubs routinely register a brand-new 12th player.

Ex-Leverkusen striker Chicharron was currently on the pitch at the Seinfeld event.

WhatsApp Offers Huge Update with Vacation Mode Now Available

WhatsApp turned out a mega upgrade once more.
Individuals can eagerly anticipate the vacation mode and also various other new functions.
Dortmund-To usage video clips, images as well as messages, WhatsApp is a popular carrier application.

In order for it to stay in this way, the firm coming from meta always provides brand-new features through updates.


Now there are changes in the app again.
A large update is turned out at WhatsApp-with an advancement that users have actually been awaiting a long period of time.

WhatsApp launched brand-new upgrade: Practical operates for vacation triggered

The so-called vacation setting brings 2 brand-new functions for the customers.
An advancement worries the sending out of photos at WhatsApp in exclusive chats.
Up until now, customers have had the ability to send a maximum of 30 pictures at the same time.
Particularly vacationing you might intend to send out even extra recordings.
This ought to currently be feasible with the new update at WhatsApp, as the Within Digital innovation site explains.
Rather than 30 video clips and images, you can now send out up to 100 images in a message to the various other individual in WhatsApp chat.
The negative aspect needs to be felt with a little storage room.
Since more images generally additionally need even more area on the gadget.

Conversation archive or mute at whatsapp-big difference in between the features

As an alternative, the web version can be used on the computer by means of the web browser as well as the images can consequently be saved straight on the hard drive.
There is also a method to send out images of the unique view of WhatsApp (more news on electronic subjects at ).
With the new update, the world-famous US business has actually also modified and also adjusted the alternative to archive chats.
If you desire to place your cell phone apart vacationing and do not desire to be interrupted by messages, you can move the conversation.
The choice Talks in the Archive option banishes the entertainment on the homepage completely.
To archive a chat, you as a user need to hold your finger on the start web page for a number of secs throughout the proper discussion and afterwards click the now understood sign of a box as well as an arrow down, which appears in the top edge.
A different offers the mute of chats or teams in WhatsApp-but with a decisive distinction.

New function at WhatsApp: Take care when sending documents

While the new messages still appear when switching, you can just see the message by moving if you click in the folder with the archived discussions.
On top of that, the conversation over the archive is completely removed from the homepage and not just for a specified time, as holds true when changing.
Entirely brand-new because of the brand-new WhatsApp upgrade is the possibility to classify files before sending, clarifies HNA.de.
This directly ensures even more order on the mobile phone and also the recipient knows which document it is.
Users need to be careful when it comes to sending personal documents.
Time and again offenders utilize the Carrier WhatsApp for perfidious scams stitches, for instance by wishing to obtain personal data making use of uncertain messages.
For that reason, care is still advised when sending papers as well as other files.

Cottbus Wins Late – Erfurt Enough To Remain Atop: Hottmann Redeems Cottbus In Emotional Situation

Hartmann redeemed Cottbus

Emotional extraordinary scenario in minute 90 +1 in the relationship stadium: attacker Hartmann, previously replaced, headed the 2-1 winning objective of the Cottbus versus the Berlin AK.
It was a entitled to success of energy that developed most of the opportunities in this game.
Formerly, the group from Claus-Dieter Jollity had actually taken the lead after 21 mins with a fin gateway from Thieve.
If out of nowhere via Yamaha’s header to 1-1 (47th), the Berlin AK adjusted after the reboot as.

Therefore, it was a competitive game in which Hartmann was still there in included time as well as ensured that power was still at the top in striking distance.
The Berliners, on the various other hand, have just brought one explain of the past 6 games and also need to enjoy that they have currently collected adequate factors for relegation in 2022.

Erfurt distanced Chemnitz

A hr later on there was a leading video game of the initial game in between Roadway Erfurt and the Chemnitz FC.
The residence team presented the initial chance, yet gained from an unnecessary adventure from CFC caretaker Jakub.
Sideman passed and served Ball, who scored in the vacant goal (3rd).
Chemnitz ended up being much more active after a start-up stage, but was not able to put itself in the spotlight until the break.
After the restart, the activity ended up being progressively competitive.
Chemnitz lagged behind, but was only able to trigger a serious threat in front of the around 7,000 viewers in the Stagehand Arena.
Red-white additionally made it through need phase of the last mins without bias and remains to assert itself on top of the table.
The CFC is currently five points behind.

Graphical brings essential trio

In Between the Graphical FC and Bertha BSC II, it was a well-balanced event without objectives in round one.
For both groups, it was about collecting further counters for transfer in order not to get involved in a possible pull.
This was attained by the home team from the Baltic Sea coast in rounded two: After to reactivate, Benjamin with a dispersed ball caused the lead (50th), which Martens included Richardson’s theme to 2-0 10 minutes later (60th).
Due to the fact that Benjamin just struck the bar a little later, the Bertha returned: Role expanded in a huge one in the final stage to 1: 2 (78th), however say goodbye to happen.


What came on the goal was in excellent hands with GFC keeper Redneck.
With the three residence points, Graphical gets on the Bertha.

Altglienicke: The collection holds

The group of the hr in the Regionally Nor dost is called VSG Altglienicke.
Already on Friday evening the Berliners celebrated a secure 3-0 win versus SV Schoenberg 47. It was victory number five in an objective distinction of 12: 0!
The well-placed Circa provided his eleven in round one with a header goal with 1-0 in the lead (10th).
Therefore, the VSG continued to be the clearly better team, however Schoenberg was a bit a lot more active than after that in rounded two.
After to reactivate, winter season access Turpin placed the 2-0 after (59.) after a combination of a high pass cross pass, it was something like the initial choice.
Absolutely nothing came off the visitors any longer.
The suddenly so unsafe Ourense unexpectedly prospered in a carefully done counterattack of the 3-0 last score (87th).
This remains to register the VSG with reprint.
Coach Rudy RAAF, on the various other hand, was incapable to perform wonders in the initial ready SV Schoenberg, the 47s are still in terrific transfer lack.

Viktoria takes the following step

Viktoria from Berlin can also reveal a winning streak, the 3-1 gain Tennis Russia was triumph number three for the relegation, which takes care of big actions in the direction of relegation.
At the starting it did not look great from Damaging after only five mins with a good lifter with 1-0 in the lead, yet the visitors did not enable themselves to be unclear and also rapidly turned the video game: Tough via header bustle with the 1: 1 (8. ), if essential after a corner by head with the 2: 1 (16th).
Even before the break, Deal then put the soothing 3: 1 after (40th).
In the second fifty percent, Tube showed a solid reaction, however it was inadequate to offer up tension once again.
With 30 points and also a well-balanced goal difference, the Viktoria is currently comfortable in the middle of the table.
The scenario is various in the bottom, which might slowly shed call with the penultimate rank.

are the BFC and also locomotives return?

Sunday comes with 4 games, teams from the prolonged title circle are used: the BFC Eager Beaver and OK Leipzig satisfy directly, which the most recent Erfurt loss have certainly observed with generosity.
The title hope is still to life for both, however specifically among Berliners, it can gradually dissolve right into air with a further loss.
Carl Zeiss Jena is additionally still searching for, but a triumph versus Germania Halberstadt comes under the required victory classification.
In the last 4 games, however, the Teutons won their two previous season wins, especially 4-0 throughout the week against FSV Buchenwald makes you take notification.
Of course, the group of Andreas Petersen likewise desires to annoy Carl Zeiss with this self-confidence.
Something bid farewell to the top worlds given that the wintertime break Cherie Leipzig as well as SV Babelsberg.
Absolutely nothing will shed downwards, the corresponding opponents are more concerned with: the drug stores receive the ZFC Meuselwitz, that might just get one counter from the last four video games, the SVB from Potsdam drives to FSV Buchenwald, which is based on reparation

Uncover the Leadership of Heritage Hero Herodians and Solve All the Puzzles.

The huge castle of Hogwarts hides the countless secrets and riddles left by the great wizards of the past.
One of the secrets left by the master of Popular is the puzzle Hogwarts Heritage Halls of Heroin.
The Halls of Heroin puzzle consists of three stages, and solving each of them is a difficult task.
To find the puzzle of the Meridians, first you need to take a quest from Sofia.
Go to the Hogwarts astronomical tower, and you will find Sofia in front of the spell class.
She will look at the picture on the wall.

Solution of the Hogwarts Legacy Halls of Heroin

The quest notes the location of the riddle of the Heroin Hall on your map.
The head of the header is located on the first floor of the protection tower from the dark arts of Hogwarts, south of the courtyard of the Transfiguration.
You need to enter the puzzle dungeon using repulse.
The puzzles of the Hall of Meridians, in fact, are three separate puzzles.
All of them can only be resolved using repulse, but you can also use Action to solve them faster.
Repulse is the main spell for this quest, you cannot do without it.

How to solve the first riddle in the halls of the Heroin

The first puzzle is very simple.
As soon as you enter the hall, you will see two blocks at the end of the room.
Pull them, and then click on them on the right side next to the wall to fix them in place.
Climb them to get to the first chest of Heroin’s halls.

How to solve the second riddle in the halls of the Heroin

In the second hall you can see three mobile blocks.
One of them swims, and two are on the ground.
Use action to pull one block over two blocks.
From this moment you need to move three blocks next to the place where you entered the second hall.
To do this, move the blocks next to the left wall, pull them back, and again next to the right wall of the room.
If they are still not aligned properly, you can push them back until they allow you to access a small platform above the entrance on which the second chest is located.
Having opened the chest, press the blocks again, using Repulse to get to the door for the last puzzle.

How to solve the third puzzle in the halls of the Heroin

The third puzzle of the Hall of the Heroin in Hogwarts’s Heritage seems difficult, but in fact it is very simple.
As soon as you enter the hall, go up to the first fixed block that you will see right in front of you.
From here, pushing the mobile block forward, then to the left, and then back.
This will place them next to the chest.
There is a gap in one block, but we recommend leaving it.
If you move the block right next to the platform, it will be very difficult to pull it out again.
Just jump onto the platform and get a chest.
To leave the halls of the Heroin, you need to act quickly.
Use action to pull the blocks so that they go to the door, and as soon as they move, run to the block.


You will go to the blocks to the end and go to the door to leave the halls of the Heroin.

reward for riddles of the Hero Meridians

For the implementation of the puzzle, you get the whole outfit of the Meridians.

The outfit is not provided as a reward for the quest, but all its parts can be found in the chests that you collected throughout the puzzle.
With the outfit, you can return to Sofia and show it to her.
Here you can either ask a small fee to get a little gold, or just leave with the experience that you will receive by completing the quest.

Fans Annoyed at Netflix Omission of Crucial Detail

The upcoming Netflix film adjustment of Kult-Anime One Piece is already expected with fantastic anticipation.
The reality that the series is changing a little attire detail by lead character Ruffy is now causing plenty of criticism in the community.

One-Piece fans slam the poster for the series

One Piece is among the most popular manga and anime ever.
Not surprising that the fans are doubtful of the upcoming genuine movie adaptation of Netflix.
The streaming giant has a mixed track record at anime fans and has actually currently wasted implementation with Cowboy Bebop.
For this factor, every brand-new picture on social media likewise offers heated conversations.
Brand name new: a first promo poster that reveals the famous straw hat gang from behind.

A detail on the poster gets a lot of attention and the shoes of hero Monkey D. Ruffy.
In contrast to the manga and anime design template, Ruffy wears regular tennis shoes in the Netflix series and not as typical flip-flop sandals
This might not be a big issue for outsiders, however for fans the sandals belong to the character of Luffy.
Similar to Nintendo’s Mario constantly uses a red cap.
Without this detail, something is simply missing!

that is why Luffy no longer uses sandals.

Why Netflix selected this modification is because of a comprehensible factor.
And it is about the safety of the actors on the set.


These lead a big part of their stunts themselves and there are loose sandals a much too much risk.
This is how Ruffy actor INAMI Godly on Instagram:
By the way, if you are usually thinking about the topic of anime, this post could also be something for you.
There we introduce you to 5 scandal anime that fans are still arguing about today:
Reading idea
Violence and sex: 5 scandal anime, about whom fans are still arguing about today
Daniel Bold
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Woman Arrested for Sending Threats to Nintendo Executive | Latest Video Game Company Controversy

Today video game companies usually generate certain controversies, that is because the internet is stronger than ever, information of any kind does not take long to come to light.

And now, there is a fairly curious story that has happened with Nintendo, since it seems that there are people who are trying to intimidate those who work there.
According to what is mentioned in different video games, the arrest of a former temporary employee of Nintendo has been reported, a woman who is mentioned is 36 years old and has been threatening an executive of the company.
In fact, there is even talk of death, so the authorities did not miss the time to put it on as a warning.
It is mentioned that the threats were announced through a package that arrived with documents and incense, one of the attached messages included notes such as I will kill you and Nintendo dies!
There is also talk of a specific date.


Apparently, the suspect apparently never met the Executive and there really is no hatred.
For now, the company has not been reported regarding this incident, something very rare that happens, since Japan has raised for being calm in question with the temperament of its inhabitants.
Although the news has not been followed up, new data is likely to arise while the police release information to the different journalists.
Via: Nintendo Life
Editor’s note: These types of stories make one work to work in recognized companies, because the person who receives an unfair treatment is never missing and tries to take revenge on the big heads.
Only there are people in the middle who have nothing to do.

Is Vinland Saga Real? Exploring an Epic Viking Saga of War & Peace

Beyond a Viking etching of hack-y-slash, Vinland Saga is, in essence, a story about how to find peace at a time when the war queen supreme war.


Leif’s stories about a land that has not been touched by man’s disputes, a Valhalla on Earth, give Thor’s and Throwing the hope of new beginnings after their revelations against violence, but also have many questions: ¿
Is real Vinland in Vinland Saga?
We sail the seas in search of the answer so that you do not have to do it.

The truth about Vinland, explained

The idyllic and Vinland utopia described by Leif is very real., But as everything in life, it comes with its own complications and warnings.
Vinland is a treacherous oceanic trip of weeks in a land without established resources, a world of distance in an unexplored territory with its own dangers.
In his now legendary explorations, Leif ran into a giant earth mass full of ripe fruits and wavy plains.
Here, he built a cabin for himself and discovered that he was not completely intact, but was home to the native tribes known as the NU.
Leif, being the diplomatic traveler who is, became friends with the inhabitants and returned to Greenland with stories and goods as proof of his expedition.
Vinland itself is what we know today as Terra nova and Labrador de Canada, the most northeastern province in the country and the first natural landing point for any traveler who sailed from Greenland, as did the Nordic explorer of real life Leif Erikson around
year 1000.
More than a chimera, after meeting with Leif, the search to establish a new life in Vinland becomes the driving motivation of Throwing and his partner in the last parts of the manga and opens a completely new chapter of redemption for the once Fer oz Guerrero
as struggle to accept his violent past and his Pacific future.

That is the answer to whether Vinland is real or not in Vinland Saga.
As season 2 continues to develop, be sure to see more about this anime in the links below.
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Six Invitational 2023: Los One & W7M Advance to Playoffs Through Upper acket; Liquid & Do It Survive Through Lower acket

azil had a phase of groups of ups and downs in the Six Invitational 2023, the Rainbow Six Siege World Cup in Montreal, Canada.
This weekend were defined the 16 teams that will compete in the final phase of the competition, and although all four azilian teams have passed the phase, only Los One and W7M advanced by the top key, while doing CLAN and Team Liquid has campaigned below
expectations and will need to row through the lower key.
On Saturday (11), W7M, which was leading in group A, lost 2-0 to KOI, Europe, with 7×5 partials in skyscraper and 8×6 in border.
The result made the team fall to third position, with a record of two wins by 2-0, a 2-1 win and a 2-0 loss.
Despite the fall in the latter, the buffalo advanced by the upper key and will compete for the upper acket round 1.

Already KOI took the lead of the group and advanced directly to the round 2. In the next phase, W7M faces France’s Team BDS, current Six Major Linköping champion.
Los One confirmed the campaign of 4 wins in 4 games and the first place in Group C of SIX INVITATIONAL.
Also on Saturday, the azilian team surpassed Oxygen 2-0, in a very fierce game and decided in a double 8×7 in the border maps and Safe Dostoevsky.
Los One finished the campaign with 13 points, with three wins by 2-1 and a 2-0 win.
The azilian team advanced directly to the Round 2 of the top of the playoffs and awaits the winner of the duel between G2 eSports.
And Wolves.


Team Liquid, in turn, advanced to playoffs for group B, but winning only one game in four disputed and losing the other three.
On Saturday, the cavalry lost a decisive confrontation to Wolves 2-1, with 4×7 bank partials, 7×4 in Oregon and 6×8 in Mansion (Villa).
The confrontation was worth the 3rd place of Group B, and with the defeat Liquid ended only in 4th place.
In the next phase, the team of Neck, PALU and Company faces the loser of the duel between W7M and BDS.
Finally, FAZ Clan got its second win in four games on Saturday, but the performance was not enough to prevent the team from ending in 4th place.
Despite the 2-1 win over Team Secret, with 7×2 partials in Clubhouse, 6×8 on border and 7×2 in Safe Dostoevsky.
However, Dark zero’s victory over the M80 made the azilian team stay fourth with 8 points and a 2-0 win, 1 2-1 win, a 2-1 defeat and 1 loss 2-0, while Dark zero, while Dark zero,
With 9 points, it secured 3rd place and the playoff spot on the top key.
With the result, the star team, Cyber and company faces the first round of Lower acket the loser of the confrontation between G2 ESports and Wolves.

Results of the 4th round of the group stage

A group

  • Space station 0 x 2 G2 ESports
  • KOI 2 x 0 W7m

Group B

  • Songs 2 x 0 right wolves
  • Wolves 2 x 1 Team liquid

Group C

  • Los One 2 x 0 Oxygen
  • BDS 2 x 1 Astral is

Group D

  • Team Secret x Do CLAN
  • Dark zero 2 x 1 m80

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