One of the most media spotlights is the evening of the year.
What emerged at first as something ‘joke’ since it began with the pique between Even and Miller, has generated that this is a massive event where everyone dies of desire to go live.
In virtual way there is also that hype and either for concerts, participants or content in themselves, this event bats all types of records
After a second edition in which a female combat got into first level musical performances, the third edition of this evening of the year paints equal or better than that of 2022, and we still do not know who will be the protagonists of the fights that have
scheduled IAI Llanos and the rest of his team.

When will we know the participants and headquarters of the evening of the year III?

IAI himself, through his Twitter account has already given several details of an advertisement in which the expectation will be higher than ever.
In addition to the participants, the city will be announced in which it will be held, in addition to the schedule in which the fighting will be played.
At the moment they have not put the tickets for sale, but we understand that they will also explain all kinds of doubt in this matter.


The announcement will be on February 27 at 20:00 Spanish peninsular time and can be followed on the IAI Twitch channel.
It will be all the fighting participants, and it will be like other years, 100% face-to-face, to know the reactions of first-hand boxers.
As far as participants are concerned, rumors about who could fight in the evening of the year III will soon begin.
Will Jagger come back?
Will there be revenge between Lulu and Lolita after the first knee injury?
We will have to wait a few days to solve these answers and give us even more hype for one of the events called to be history and that could beat the Twitch record that the founder of KOI achieved with the 2022 event.