All reports had indicated a big Nintendo Direct in February 2023 and so it came.
Nintendo provided various titles for the Nintendo Switch in simply under 40 minutes on February 8, most of which will be launched in the very first half of 2023.
Among them were some currently known names, but there were also a few surprises.
Listed below you will discover all the important announcements from the February Nintendo Direct at an introduction:

Trailer for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom reveals numerous new game scenes

  • Release: 12.
    May 2023
    The release of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is approaching with big actions and accordingly there was a new trailer for the highly expected Open World game at the Nintendo Direct.
    The latter provided various video game scenes from the title, such as a link in the battle against numerous enemies and new methods of transportation with which the pointed ear can move over land or through the air.
    The game Collector’s Edition was also revealed.

Pinyin 4 has a main release date

  • Release: 21.

July 2023
Nintendo had actually announced the 4th pic min part on the last huge direct, now there were first gameplay scenes to see that demonstrated how the adorable pic min can be used-for example to freeze ice surfaces.
A brand-new dog-like companion was likewise seen for the very first time.


Advance Wars 1 +2: Re-Boat Camp appears in April

  • Release: 21.
    April 2023
    Initially, Advance Wars 1 +2: Re-Boat Camp was to be launched last year, however was initially delayed indefinitely due to the occasions in Ukraine.
    Now there is lastly a release date: On April 21st the time has come, and you can plunge into the tactical fights adjusted for switch.
    In addition to an offline mode with numerous scenarios, there will likewise be an online mode.

Nintendo Switch Online now has Video game Kid video games in the program

  • Release: From now on
    Games of various older Nintendo consoles are currently readily available in the online service for the Switch.
    Now there are also titles from handheld Game Young boy.
    There are different filters in the design of the different Video game Young boy designs, consisting of the pocket or color.
    At the start, Mario Land 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Left Awakening DX in the plan, more titles need to follow in the future.
    Video game Kid Advance title are likewise in the program, but the expansion pass is required.
    You can find more info here:
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    more on the topic
    Nintendo Switch Online gets Game Young boy and GBA games today, and they are

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe surprise: DLC wave 4 brings a brand-new character

  • Release: spring 2023
    It was known for a long time that there would likewise be 2023 DLC waves for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but on which Direct we were likewise able to have a look at a few of the material of DLC wave 4.
    Among other things, it consists of a total brand-new path entitled Yogis Eland.
    Because there will also be a new character, the substantial surprise followed instantly.
    Bird will begin with spring 2023.

Metro id Prime gets a Change remaster, and it is currently offered

  • Release: Right away (digital version), March 3rd (physical version).
    There was nothing to see from Metro id Prime 4 on the Direct, however the first part is when again install in an overheated type.
    Metro id Prime Remastered is a visually and most likely likewise playfully adapted variation of Camus Ran’s first ego viewpoint adventure, which originally stood for the Gamete.
    Among other things, this consists of a control alternative that has actually been optimized for two sticks.
    The biggest surprise: The digital version is now readily available in the shop.
    You can check out everything crucial about the Switch new edition here:.
    More on the topic.
    Surprise: Metro id Prime can now be played on your Nintendo Switch.

the additional statements and updates of the February direct.

  • Platoon 3, like Mario Kart, gets a growth pass that, to name a few things, adds brand-new stores to the game.
    The very first DLC wave Annapolis is available in spring 2023, the wave 2 call to buy at a later date.
    Rate point for both LCS: just under 25 euros.
  • The third part of the Pass for Enfilade Chronicles 3 existed.
    It will be launched on February 16 and contains a brand-new heroine and brand-new difficulties.
    There was likewise a short teaser for DLC bundle 4.
  • The rhythm video game Samba de Amigo: Celebration Central was revealed.
    The release is prepared for summer season.
  • Fashion Dreamer wants to make you style influencers and design and choose a lot of fashion pieces.
    The entire must appear in 2023.
  • There were a few video game scenes for the Dead Cells-DLC Go Back To Castlemaine.
    The release is on March sixth.
  • There will be a new Professor Layton video game.
    The name: Teacher Layton and TH New World of Steam.
    Here is the first teaser trailer:.
  • The co-op platformer Disney Illusion Iceland, announced in September 2022, lets you defeat Disney characters through different worlds and defeat opponents.
    The release date is new: July 28, 2023.
  • Bayonet ta Origins: Carla and the Lost Demon explore the origins of the action witch.
    She receives assistance from a satanic force here.
    The release is on March 17th.
  • There is now a demo version of Sociopath Tourist 2 in the shop, that includes the first hours.
  • The round-based role-playing game Sea of Stars will be launched on August 29.
    A demonstration is offered in the shop.
  • There is now likewise a demo in the shop for the soon-to-be released Kirby’s Go back to Dreamland Deluxe.
  • A remaster double pack from Kayos 1 + 2 HD appears in summer.
    In addition, a WE Love Kalahari implementation for the Change and the Secret thriller Ghost Technique: Phantom detective was provided to the public for the very first time.
    What was your highlight of the February Direct?