The 2nd competitive video game of the year likewise leads the U23 into the stranger, on Sunday (3 p.m.) the league leader is a visitor at Sprig Green.
A battle that has been routinely readily available in recent years.
I appreciate Verde quiet.
In what they do, they are truly extremely great, and they have actually put together a good squad for many years, says coach Kieran Schulze-Marmeling in front of the game and emphasizes: You are definitely one of the most undesirable jobs, especially away.
You feel in one’s bones precisely what you do and have weapons with which you can harm you.
For us, Green is a really harmful challenger.
This means the 2 orientations of the teams.


Verde safeguards strongly and lurks on switching minutes, the U23 constantly wishes to have the ball and dominate the game.
Firstly, Green is really, extremely suffering and disciplined.
You can defend deeply without being disturbed.
On the other hand, they are extremely counterattacking, so we have to be very attentive in the remaining defense and our attacks, the coach continued.
Green is part of the lower table for the lower table in the league.
There are six points up to seventh location, probably nothing more.
However, they are likewise a lead in 13th location, there are nine points until the very first transfer zone.
After the 2-1 opening success, the U23 can travel to Green with extra confidence.
The triumph was certainly crucial for us, emphasizes Schulze-Marmeling, who needs to continue to do without a great deal of personnel.
Captain Marius Cause and leading gamer Pascal Goodman are missing due to injury, routine strength Francesco di Pierre will also be missing out on yellow, Marvin Benjamin’s belongs to the expert team.
However, we still had an excellent training week and also put the focus in preparation to give the kids who did not have as lots of operations in the very first half of the season to provide video game shares against excellent challengers. In Erndtebrück, the team has their quality once again
Showed that in Green the U23 desires to add more at the weekend before it is totally free of play on carnival.