At the end of January, the PlayStation 5 lastly made it to the top of the Japanese charts.
Nothing altered in the very first week of February.
On the contrary: the numbers have actually continued to increase, that makes the Sony console to 76,450 sales.
That is around 23,000 units sold more than in the previous week.
In truth, it is the very best week in Japan given that the market launch in November 2020!
In second location there is still the Nintendo Switch OLED, whose sales number has only increased slightly.
From 28,787 to 32,780.
The standard switch and the lite version, on the other hand, come together to 22,956 copies.
The third place goes to the digital edition of the PS5 with 16,576 sales.
This increased the drive-free variant by two places.
The Xbox Series S, which comes to 14,277, has likewise moved forward.
Last week there were just 830 units-a good boost.
The Series X sells even worse than before: instead of 435, there are just 367 sales.
The great old PS4 likewise wishes to have a few more Japanese, 953 pieces.
And even the Handheld New Nintendo 2DS LL finds a couple of clients.
1. PS5 with drive-76,450.
2. Nintendo Switch OLED-32,780.
3. PS5 without drive-16,576.
4. Xbox Series S-14.277.

  1. Nintendo Switch-12.415.
  2. Nintendo Switch Lite-10.541.
  3. PS4-953.
  4. Xbox Series X-367.
  5. New 2DS LL-70.

no PS5 game represented for this.


As great as it takes a look at the hardware charts at the minute, things are going so bad in the software location: Not a single PlayStation video game is amongst the top 10. Last week there was at least for spoken in 3rd location.
Now we’ll see once again 10 Change video games listed here once again:.
Pokémon Parmesan & Purpur-31.191.
2. [Switch] Platoon 3-14.298.
3. [Switch] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe-13,858.
4. [Switch] Fire Emblem Engage-12.920.
5. [Switch] Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life-9.522.
6. [Change] Minecraft-7.723.
7. Nintendo Change Sports-7.461.
8. [Change] Mario Party Superstars-6.346.
9. Super Smash Bros.
10. [Switch] Monetary Centers: Show, Hara, Raw Mo Laban!
Source: Fujitsu.
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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe-13,858.
5. Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life-9.522.
Nintendo Switch Sports-7.461.
Monetary Centers: Show, Hara, Raw Mo Laban!