Was yesterday, now we write in 1437. Anyone who has sent this number code at WhatsApp can be happy.
We reveal the meaning.
Dortmund-News in Messenger and keep changing.
Sometimes it is the emoji overload that is announced at WhatsApp, sometimes restraint is offered, sometimes old relics are excavated, which consist only of colon points and brackets.
And now there are numbers codes that are sent in meaning.
But what is behind it?

1437 in a WhatsApp message: The meaning of the number code is romantic

The times of H.D.G.D.L.
are long over.
But that does not mean that messages we receive from WhatsApp are less cryptic.
These days, users of the messenger service could be surprised by messages in the number format.
The content is then only: 1437.

Every number stands for the number of letters of a word behind it, explains Future zone.
This information alone will probably help users, because the possibilities that words are now behind the digits are still varied.
The resolution:

Numbers on WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok: I love you forever simply encrypted

So if you only get a WhatsApp message with the code 1437, you have a reason to be happy.
The chat partner wants to express: I love you forever so I love you forever.
According to the Future zone, this way of expressing its feelings has established itself primarily in social networks such as TikTok and Instagram.
In order to express his feelings without words, there are other numbers codes that WhatsApp users should know (more digital news at ).

Send number codes at WhatsApp: 637 and 14344 should express love

The code 637 works according to the same principle and stands for Always and Forever.
I love you very much (I love you very much) can be expressed at 14344.
According to another principle, but no less romantic, the number code 381 is broken down.
He stands for I love you (I love you).
Unlike before, the digits are not in the words for the number of letters.
The numbers stand for three words, eight letters and one meaning.
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