The Messenger WhatsApp announces a new function for photos.
This feature should finally solve a very specific problem.
Dortmund-whether after a family celebration or after the vacation-mostly, you have recorded countless memories in cell phone photos.
The sending of the many memories of his contacts can take a little longer.
WhatsApp now has a solution ready.

WhatsApp gets a new photo function: Problem when sending photos should be solved

Again and again the free Messenger WhatsApp smartphone owner is surprised with new features, which should ensure improved use of the app.
Finally, the function of self-extinguishing photos was added.
Now a problem is to be solved when sending a variety of photos.
Because so far it is only possible to send up to 30 photos via WhatsApp at the same time.
If you want to share more pictures, a new swing must be selected to pictures.
But often you quickly lose track of which photos have already been sent.

So you send pictures and videos twice and triple.
In the future, WhatsApp wants to avoid this problem with a new function (more about digital at ).

New photo function enables users send up to 100 pictures and videos at the same time

Because soon WhatsApp users should be able to send significantly more photos and videos on a train.
As reports, entire photo albums can be sent to other users with the new feature.
Up to 100 photos and videos can then be selected at once and sending within a message at the same time.
This will particularly look forward to vacationers and hobby photographers.
It is not yet clear when the update will be available for all messenger users.
So it is worth keeping your eyes open to possible app updates.
Another problem is fake accounts on WhatsApp that pretend to be a company.


To remedy this consumer deception, WhatsApp introduced a green hook, as Merger explains.
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