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Fantasy Ninja ACT “Shadow Warrior 3” Delivery decision on March 1, Japanese language. A series past work will be present when you purchase a console version

Publisher Devolver Digital announced on February 1, Flying Wild HOG’s action game “ SHADOW WARRIOR 3″ to be delivered on March 1 (STEAM version is scheduled by March 2 delivery). The compatible platform is PC (Steam) / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One. The game corresponds to the Japanese language display.

The price is 4900 yen (normal version), and the Xbox ONE version is 5850 yen. In addition to the limited Catanaskin “” with a limited Catanaskin “clothes”, the PS4 / Xbox ONE version is also provided with the “Shadow Warrior” and “Shadow Warrior 2” game main story..

“Shadow Warrior 3” is the latest work of the first aspect of the Action Games “Shadow Warrior” series. Low One who will continue to be a hero, Low Wan, who was an enemy, is a competitor, and it will be a relativity of the old employer, and it will be a challenge that it will take back to the mission that you take back an ancient dragon released from a permanent prison..

An Asian-tasted stage is recorded in this work. It is a situation where old Samurai technology and magic are combined, and it is said that it is in a situation that is invaded by a bad monster transmitted to Japan. The player fights the army and the army with a sword and a gun. As a new element in this work, there is a grapping hook, and the movement option in battle is expanded. Besides, actions such as air dashes, Wall runs and double jumps are also prepared, which feature a high-speed battle that utilizes them.

In the trailer that has been released this time, we introduce elements that will be selling this work with humor. These include a variety of weapons that produce intense Goa representations, and environmental kills utilizing gimmicks in the stage. In this work, devices and the like that can be used for attacks are also arranged at any stage, and a creative strategy that involves inviting enemies and involves them.

Also, by executing the enemy with finish Move, we won magic fragments. By releasing that power, powerful magic can be carried out. While traveling for an unaligned land, you will hit the dark beasts into hell.

“Shadow Warrior 3” scheduled to deliver March 1 for PC (Steam) / PS4 / Xbox ONE (STEAM version delivers March 2nd). The game corresponds to the Japanese language display.

Shadow Warrior 3 - Everything We Know

In addition, the collaboration between the 24 Entertainment’s Knowledge Action Games “NARAKA: BladePoint” has been decided. The skins of the sword with the image of the same work are to be available in the game of this work.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to get Dawn Stone

In real Pokémon manner, Pokémon Legends Arceus players can use a large number of evolutionary stones to develop their Pokémon to new and mighty shapes that are all able to make their presence on the battlefield. Apart from that, the Dawn Stone can be used under the many evolutionary stones to develop both a male Kirlia into their mental / fighting variant Gallade as well as a female snorunt into a frost. To help you get both developments as soon as possible, find out how to get a Dawn Stone in Pokémon legends Arceus :

How to get a morning stone in Pokémon Legends Arceus

Just as many other evolutionary stones available in the game, it is easier to get a Dawn Stone in Pokémon Legends Arceus by going to the Item Exchange Post, which is in the Jubilife Village. Once there, you have to look for the stone only among the different goods and then buy. Each twillstone costs you 1,200 Merit Points. You can buy so many Dawn Stones as you want. If you want to get the stone, but you do not want to use your Merit Points, you can also get a Dawn Stone by completing the 82nd request of the game: traces of a lost village. You can trigger the request by talking to Mani in the lowest floor of Galaxy Hall.

Now, since you know how to get a Dawn Stone in Pokémon Legends Arceus, do not forget to see how you get the other stones, like the Leaf Stone, Feuerstein, and the Thursstein, as well as how to get his Eevee to Umbreon, Espeon, Glacon, Vaporeon, Jolteon and Sylveon

You can play Pokémon legends Arceus now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Here you can view our review of the newly published game.

  • This article was updated on 6 February 2022


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