What type of occasion is that? Because phase 2 of the pre-patch, the primary intrusions have actually been included, where cracks open in various locations in Zeroth, in which cultists call wild elementals into the world. The occasion then culminates about every 20 minutes in a huge boss fight.

Phase 2 from Pre-Patch 10.0 for WoW: Dragon Flight has actually been running for a few days and the new primary intrusions and rather are involved. Mango editor Benedict Grotius has actually rumbled all weekend in Zeroth and marvels how quickly and quickly you can get ready for Dragon Flight.

The Pre occasion from Dragon Flight is just awesome. Undoubtedly, it is rather uninteresting from the story and does not offer much variety. However, so far that was truly the case with hardly any pre-event.

The occasion is planned to prepare brand-new characters as efficiently as possible for the brand-new Dragon Flight growth and that makes it exceptional. On my very first attempt, I made level 50-55 within nearly half an hour. It goes much faster on lower levels.

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In case I also supplied my caller with equipment, which I desire to play in Dragon Flight as my Main. Here you can see gameplay from the alpha:

even quicker than with the 78 % before stage 2

I can not state whether the events are the fastest method. It depends excessive on your class how numerous challengers you can mark for yourself. Outright level experts develop level 60 in about 3 hours, but also need excellent preparation. Anybody can do the occasion without any prior knowledge.

Since the needed experience points for levels 10-60 have likewise been changed, leveling is even much faster than with the entirely absurd bonus of 78 % experience in addition with the winds of knowledge. Just keep in mind to trigger the +18 % of the birthday that is still readily available till the Dragon Flight release.

Why is it so fast? The keyword here is Hyperpawn. The opponents come back so quickly that there is something to combat at all times. In the invasions there are regular and elite challengers who scale with their own level.

While only 5 gamers receive the optimum prey and experience from the little challengers, everyone can participate in the battle against an elite. Both give lots of experience and overall more than you could survive missions at the same time.


If you need to know why these invasions appear at all, the dragon aspects in the introductory quest give a little insight. Here is the Cinematic:

These are the downsides and advantages: from my experience with 6 characters that I have pulled through the event, there are two points that I find rather annoying:

  1. You just gather a little new equipment and therefore barely get stronger if you do not use heirlooms or if you overcome them. That implies: the earlier you begin to grind there, the weaker you get in the end
  2. The events are very repetitive, the same thing constantly takes place and if you don’t like to grind, you will most likely be bored here

To do this, you gather lots of primeval essences that can be exchanged for an additional 6th bag and 252 devices for level 60. This is not remarkably strong, but enough to visit dungeons if you want. Particularly in the brand-new ANDAMAN there are already 278 items to farm on normally, and you can quickly survive the event with the catch-up.

In contrast, the event can likewise be quickly made on the side. Even, if you don’t handle to mark enough of the little includes on your own, the elite challengers constantly offer appropriate experience. It suffices to stand in one place and to bomb comfortably with magic.

As a bonus offer, you likewise get a special product from in charges: cloudy essences. You can make a new treasure part for later characters if you have the essence of each of the 4 bosses. You can’t level more pleasantly today.

Incidentally, shortly prior to the weekend, I spoke to the dragon flight designers about endgame, features and tradition of the brand-new growth:

Interview with WoW designers: Functions from Dragon Flight will enhance the future of WoW permanently

If you have the essence of each of the 4 bosses, you can make a brand-new heirloom part for later characters.

The Pre event from Dragon Flight is merely incredible. The event is planned to prepare new characters as efficiently as possible for the new Dragon Flight expansion and that makes it outstanding. You just gather a little new equipment and therefore barely get more powerful if you do not use heirlooms or if you overcome them. Particularly in the new ANDAMAN there are already 278 products to farm on usually, and you can easily get through the event with the catch-up.