[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Log Wave (Representative Kim Dong-hyun) announced on the 25th that the mobile game has begun to reserve the Mobile Games’

The company will pay a game item “Hwangryongdo Gifts” to the pre-reservation power source and will be presented through the lottery. In addition to friends invitation events, additional compensation will be added to the user who recorded 100,000, and 500,000th counts.

In particular, when he exceeds a pre-reservation applicant, he presented the ‘shining hirohwangdo box’, and the addition of one of the additional users, and adds a “열 혈 강 Limited Edition Figures”, which has been made separately by one of the users.

Kohmi Kang Ho W W is a massive multi-neoplasm-based role (MMORPG) based on a stadial comics, which is served in the year in 28 years since 1994. The users will be encouraged with the tremendous relationship with the ‘parallel space’ that transcends the space, while the original scenario is constructed,

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The log Wave is the “Lineage M”, “Blade & Soul”, “Kumnae Kang Ho 2 ‘,” Changchun “developers have been established. Kim Dong-hyun, who was in charge of the development of ‘Dragon Ball Online’, is responsible for producing directly.

The company has signed a contract with Kohwa Rongo Korea’s subsidiary Thai Mobile and a Kwon Kwang Line License Agreement in April, April 20, the April 2020,

Meanwhile, the log wave starts the tester recruitment prior to the implementation of the specific tests scheduled for early May.